Esther Herrero

Hello everyone! I am Esther, the voice behind the line, the girl who replies to your emails and who will assist you if you ever come to our shop. Despite my job not consisting much of being out in the field, I still do love an adventure, but you'll probably get to know me a bit more through our emails, WhatsApp chats and countless phone calls! I consider myself an extrovert, always getting involved in activities which allow me to meet new people and get to know exciting new places, languages and cultures. Reading and practicing outdoor sports are my two passions, as they combine peace and quiet with thrill and action. Originally from Valencia, I decided to move to Javea after falling in love with the beautiful scenery and friendly locals. Three years ago, I had the luck to find Siesta Advisor and meet the marvellous boys which founded it, and since then we have become inseparable. I wish I could get to know all of you, but you know where to find me :)

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