Cala Tango

Adrenaline junkies, adventurers & explorers, unite! We have found the perfect place for you!

An introduction to Cala Tango, Javea

Cala Tango, located in Javea in the Alicante region of Spain, has been renowned for decades for its breathtakingly pristine water quality, calm water conditions, and its remote and exotic location. It is one of the most secretive and exclusive bays in Javea, barely known by the everyday tourist that comes to this part of Spain. This makes Cala Tango one of the best beaches in Javea, as it still remains off the radar for almost everybody which has allowed it to preserve all its natural beauty and magic. So if this magical sounding place has grabbed your attention, keep reading as this is just the beginning.

Cala Tango, an artist's paradise?

Cala Tango retains tremendous amounts history and is so artistically famous that it managed to capture the heart of one of Spain’s, if not the world’s, most famous artist, Joaquín Sorolla. He was so in love with the Javea, and more specifically Cala Tango, that he dedicated one of his oil paintings to the little bay, going by the name of “Niños bañándose entre rocas. Jávea” (1905). Translating to “Children swimming amongst rocks, Javea”, it depicts a nostalgic and playful scene of a group of children playing in the little bay that we now call Cala Tango. The iconic central rock that the beach is renowned for is clearly visible on the painting, a part of the beach that still remains intact and unmoved till this very day. So if you dream about traveling back in time and experiencing a bit of history in person, there’s no better places than Cala Tango.

Adrenaline, adventure, and excitement combined

Cala Tango may not be the biggest or the most prestigious beach around, however it sure is the most fun and adventure-filled beach in Javea. This is because Cala Tango is comprised of a small little secluded beach area, and just next to it, a slanted and elevated platform that is perfect for cliff jumping (the sport of jumping from somewhere high into the water without any equipment!). What makes Cala Tango perfect for cliff jumping is the fact that it has different heights for different levels. If you want to just take it easy, or perhaps practice some backflips, there are some small jumps. Or if you want to improve your confidence and push your limits, there are some intermediate jumps! However, if you really wish to test yourself and experience something unlike ever before, there are some extremely high rocks to jump from! In other words, there is something catered for absolutely everyone!

Top things to do in Cala Tango, Javea

We’ve mentioned a thing or two about Cala Tango, and how it’s perfect for cliff jumping, however that’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding all the things that can be done when visiting this little exotic bay and its surroundings! Thus, sit back and let me tell you how to really make the most of your time and ensure that you have an unforgettable experience whilst there! Undoubtably the best way to enjoy this unique area of Javea is on kayak, as it eliminates the hard hike to the bay (discussed in the “plan your trip” section), and allows you to access nearby areas that are inaccessible on foot! In short, Kayaking in Javea and near Cala Tango allows you to fully immerse yourself with nature, to push your limits through cliff jumping, to kayak besides an ancient and Jurassic-like coastline, and to snorkeling in the transparent and crystalline waters of the natural wildlife reserve San Antonio.

Cala Del Pope

If you do decide to choose this way of exploring this exquisite part of Javea’s coastline, you’d first visit the famous Cala Del Pope, a completely inaccessible bay to the public. The name of this place has an interesting and fascinating backstory, originally named receiving its name due to a pope, a Russian orthodox priest to be more precise, who used to come and bathe here almost every single day, even during the winter period! Upon seeing this pope, the locals of Javea decided to commemorate him and baptize the beach under his name! Nowadays, despite the captivating history behind Cala Del Pope, it is rather renowned for its crystalline waters and peaceful surroundings, making it an incredible place for snorkeling and relaxing.

Cala Tango

You would then visit Cala Tango, the little hidden gem of Javea. The reason it is so hidden and exotic is because it is very hard to access by land, requiring a somewhat difficult and dangerous hike to reach it. However, going to Cala Tango by sea provides us with the best of both worlds, avoiding the necessity to take the hike, all whilst being able to enjoy the exclusivity of this incredible beach! Nonetheless, the main attraction point of this beach, as we have briefly mentioned, is that it’s perfect for cliff jumping, a unique and adrenaline-driven sport where you jump from the heights of the rocks into the ocean! What makes this place ideal for cliff jumping is its unique slanted rock formation, meaning that there are small practice jumps for complete beginners, as well as jaw-dropping ones that will truly get your blood pumping! So if you, or anyone in your group happens to be somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, this kayak tour in Javea is perfect for you!

San Antonio

And finally, embarking on this kayaking excursion in Javea to Cala Tango will take you to the famous natural wildlife reserve, San Antonio, where you can expect to find some of the most pristine and life-abundant sea conditions imaginable. This is partly because boats and recreational motor vehicles are prohibited from entering this area, making it all the more peaceful and unique. It is said that snorkelling and kayaking near San Antonio is one of the most unique experiences in the entirety of Javea, as you can see life that is almost impossible to see anywhere else in Spain such as: dolphins, whales and sea horses (amongst all the other incredibly unique creatures that live there). So not only do you get to experience the exhilarating activity of cliff jumping, but you're also able to immerse yourself in one of the most vibrant snorkelling locations in the whole of Spain.

While you are near Cala Tango, Javea

Cala Tango is breathtakingly magical, the kind of place where you could go a million times and still fall all over in love with it every time. It is true paradise on earth, and luckily for you, not many people know about the existence of this beach... so be sure to go and make the most of it and see for yourself just how amazing it is. However, should you finish up at Cala Tango, here’s a list of additional things you could check out!

San Antonio Hike

Remember we briefly mentioned San Antonio and how it is an incredible marine wildlife reserve and natural park? Well, it also happens to be remarkable Mirador (a lookout point) overlooking the entirety of Javea. Usually, you’d have to take somewhat of a long drive from Javea city center to get there... however, there is actually a secret little hiking path from Cala Tango to San Antonio which would probably get you there quicker than driving! It is an easy and family-friendly hiking route that even takes you to eleven beautiful windmills which date back to the fourteenth century. But when you get to the top, you’ll be standing over 170 meters above sea level, face-to-face with an unbelievably beautiful view of Javea. Cabo de San Antonio hosts a lot of parking spots, and also vast amounts of space for sitting and observing the town bellow. Personally, what I absolutely love doing there is going on a clear night to star gaze, especially when there are meteor showers, and look out for constellations and shooting stars! Trust me, this is a very effective date idea if you want to win someone over!

The Montgo Natural Park

The Montgo Natural Park is the most famous natural landmark of Javea. In fact, it is so famous that our logo was inspired by the elephant-like shape of this beautiful mountain. Take a look one day and observe just how much it resembles an elephant, you’d be surprised! Anyhow, The Montgo Natural Park is situated almost 800 meters above sea level and plays an unimaginably important role in maintaining the local microclimate that Javea is renowned for. To give you a very superficial and brief description, the Montgo acts as a massive shield from the north, elevating hot air and sheltering Javea from any wind, clouds and rain that comes from the north! This is why Javea boasts over 325 sunny days a year and enjoys some of the best weather on the entire Spanish coastline!

On the Montgo you can find an enormous variety of local flora and hundreds of species of animals, such as falcons, eagles and wild boards. From the summit of the Montgo Natural Park it is even possible to observe Ibiza, the famous Spanish island located just 90km away from Javea.

Luckily there is no climbing experience or equipment is necessary in order to reach the summit, making it a suitable hike for virtually everyone. It is long, and some sections are steep which may get your heart pumping, however with enough time you’ll reach the top without any issues! Equally, the route is very clearly signposted and painted with hiking trail signs, so you do not have to worry about ever getting lost. So if you want to experience something sporty and unique, the Montgo hike is definitely for you!

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding at your fingertips!

So... I know we've already explained a thing or two about kayaking and paddle boarding in and around Cala Tango, but here's just a little more of a reminder! The coast and marine flora and fauna around Cala Tango is unparalleled. Kayaking and Paddle Boarding around this magical bay allows you to fully immerse yourself with nature, paddling besides an ancient and Jurassic-like coastline, snorkelling in transparent and crystalline waters filled with life, and pushing your limits in the most amazing way imaginable, through cliff jumping!

Plan your trip to Cala Tango

Are you planning to go to Portixol beach in Javea, but you’re not quite sure how to get there or what to do? Well, luckily for you we have all the necessary information regarding how to get to Portixol! But should you still have any questions, or simply want some more information, do not hesitate to give us a ring on +34 639 908 367 or email us on!

Please note, this is the starting address to Cala Tango by Kayak!

Getting to Cala Tango with Siesta Advisor

If you are planning to go to Cala Tango in Javea, the simplest, safest, and most enjoyable way to get there would be with one of our kayak or paddle board excursions! The reason behind this is simple and I have already mentioned it before: the hike can be somewhat dangerous as you’ll be traversing along thin ledges around 50 meters above the sea level. Thus accessing Cala Tango by the sea is by far the most sensible way to get there! Also, going with us will also mean that you won’t have to worry about parking or not finding a space. That’s because we’re located on the famous Primer Montañar road where you’ll never have to worry about parking at any point in the day! In fact, there is an incredibly large, dedicated car park 10 meters from the beach, also making it extremely convenient as you will not have to hike long distances to start your adventure!

Getting to Cala Tango hiking

As we’ve mentioned many times before, accessing Cala Tango by the sea is by far the most sensible way to get there, nonetheless, should you still decide to just walk and hike there, here’s everything you need to know! You will have to go all the way to Restaurante Tangó on the Puerto de Jávea road where you’ll also have to find yourself some parking. This may be a little bit tricky as there is not a lot of space for many cars, and as the Puerto de Jávea road borders a very famous port, it is almost always packed with people from morning to evening! Nonetheless, once you are there, walk all the way till the restaurant, and to its left you will see a signposted dirt road lead the way all the way till Cala Tango. Just pay attention, take some good footwear with you, and then enjoy all the beauty and magic that this small little hidden gem of Javea has to offer!

Transport to Cala Tango, Javea

Currently there are no forms of public transport down to Cala Tango, and if you also do not have a car, don’t worry, it is not the end of the world as you still have some alternatives to get there! First, you could consider getting a taxi, however there are plenty of other better ways! You could equally cycle there, be it using an elegant city cruiser, or the easier alternative, an electric bike! Cycling is arguably the best way to get to Cala Tango for three separate reasons; you can experience cycling on the incredible Primer Montañar road, you do not have to worry about parking, you have a dedicated bike lock area in front of Restaurante Tangó. If you crave something even more unique and elegant, our number one advice would be renting a Vespa! This would not only facilitate parking but also allow you to travel around Javea and neighboring towns with elegance and style! Equally, you could walk down to Cala Tango! Nonetheless, if you’re still hesitating regarding how to get to the Arenal, just give us a ring on +34 639 908 367 or email on and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Additional Information

Well, this wouldn’t be a proper blog if I didn’t speak about food, and more specifically, the Mediterranean diet. Savoring the local food is an absolute must, especially the seafood! As Cala Tango is right next to the port of Javea, a lot of restaurants in the Port area buy their fish directly from the fish market there (you can also go there yourself to buy yourself some), and they use that fish in their restaurants to serve to people! So if you are a food enthusiast like I am, I recommend strolling around the Javea Port and finding yourself a little restaurant that serves some tapas and enjoying the incredibly fresh and mouth-watering food that Javea has to offer. As a personal recommendation, I would say that you should definitely try pulpo, sepia, or chipirones!

Javea Old Town

The Historic Centre of Javea is characterized by the medieval-style houses made from the iconic Spanish stone called “tosca” and narrow streets. This part of Javea is where most of the local population live. It was once protected by towering walls as pirate attacks were very common in this coastal town, some walls still being intact till this very day!

The best and simplest thing to do in the Historic Centre of Jávea Old Town is to wander aimlessly through its narrow streets. The Estret Street is one of the most iconic streets around, renowned for being full of plants and flowers that are taken care of by the local residence there.

Equally, if you really want to indulge in the Spanish lifestyle, every Thursday on the Avenida de la Constitución there is a local food market where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as other locally made goods and products, such as honey, paintings, etc. This is how the locals of Javea would do shopping until very recently, the absolute best place in town for finding the freshest and most organic produce around. Let’s not forget, it is also the best way to support the local community!

And finally, in the heart of Javea Old Town lies the most important religious temple for the locals, the San Bartolomé Church. The San Bartolomé Church is a 16th-century church constructed in a Valencian gothic style. The façade of the church has plenty of bullet holes, resulting from the damages caused during the Spanish Civil War. Surrounding this church, there are numerous little restaurants where you can enjoy some tapas and cold drinks.

Cala Tango, a health miracle?

As Cala Tango is a pebbled beach, it offers a great number of health advantages to its visitors. Since the beginning of time, pebbles have helped ancient populations become sturdier and stronger, strengthening the skin on the soles of their feet, and thus protecting them. Equally, medical studies have proven that walking on pebbles strengthens the muscles of the legs and feet, improving general circulation and avoiding illnesses. As well, children walking along pebbled beaches have a lower risk of developing flat feet. Thus, Cala Tango is not only the perfect location for those craving a fun and adventurous day out, but also for those who care about their health and the benefits of nature to the body.

Adrenaline junkies, adventurers & explorers, unite! We have found the perfect place for you!

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