El Portet

Crystal-clear turquoise waters and gentle white sand combined? Welcome to El Portet, the most picturesque, beautiful and exquisite beach on the entire coastline.

An introduction to El Portet, Moraira

El Portet, located in Moraira in the Alicante region of Spain, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Spanish coastline. Positioned at the bottom of some towering hills and delicately tucked away there, El Portet is renowned for its crystal-clear turquoise waters. It is also the holder of the presitious Bandera Azul (Blue Flag) like Granadella, Portixol and the Arenal. For those who don’t yet know, the Bandera Azul is a unique award given by the Foundation for Environmental Education, which shows that El Portet is a beach that meets a set of standards for safety, information, and quality assurance. Here's a little fun fact: since the awards began in the year 1987, Spain has had more blue flags than any other country, El Portet playing a huge part in them!

El Portet Moraira

El Portet, a geographical miracle?

The beach is around 350-meters long and it is bordered by a small promenade that is littered with some restaurants that offer not only some amazing food, but even better views overlooking the bay. Nonetheless, one of the most emblematic aspects of El Portet is the cape called "Cap d'Or". Geographically, this cape partially encompasses the beach and acts as an enormous barrier from the north, peaking over 100 meters tall ! Why is this important? Well, it means that you get to enjoy the protection of the cliffs around you, sheltering you from strong gusts of wind and waves! That's to say that just outside the bay there could be a raging storm, however El Portet itself remains calm and protected! This is another reason why El Portet is perfect for swimming and carrying out different types of water sports as the sea always tends to remain flat and safe! What this also means is that it's absolutely perfect for families wish small children, where you never really have to worry about big waves, strong currents or an overall dangerous environment. It truly is heaven on earth!

El Portet Moraira

The safest beach in Moraira

El Portet has an incredibly sophisticated lifeguard service covering the entire beach! This makes El Portet one of the best and safest choices for families with young children, having the assurance of dozens of lifeguards surveilling and monitoring every part of the beach for most of the day. Equally, El Portet, much like the Arenal, is uniquely pearl shaped, meaning that strong waves and currents don’t tend to affect the beach as it is sheltered by the outer rim of the coastline!

El Portet Moraira

Top things to do in El Portet, Moraira

This incredible beach is renowned for its vibrant turquoise waters, so it really would be a shame to not take advantage of that whilst visiting El Portet. In fact, Moraira is renowned for water sports all year round, and if you're in El Portet, you wouldn’t want to miss out getting active and trying out some kayaking or paddle boarding (also known as SUP Boarding & Paddle Surfing !). Renting kayaks or paddle boards in El Portet, Moraira, allows you to visit some incredible places that are completely isolated, hidden or simply unknown to the everyday adventurer... however with Siesta Advisor's kayak and paddle board rental services, that's no longer an issue for you! We will provide you with a thorough introduction and explanation of El Portet's coastline, and uncover all the little secrets you need to know for your adventure. In short, kayaking and paddle boarding in El Portet allows you to fully immerse yourself with nature, kayaking besides ancient and Jurassic-like coastlines, snorkelling in transparent and crystalline waters filled with life, or exploring breath-taking coves and bays of unimaginable beauty!

El Portet Moraira

Cala Llebeig

For those who want a little more adventurous and want to really go and explore, you can even get to Cala Llebeig, an abandoned cove that takes us back in time to another era. Originally and historically, Cala Llebeig was associated with fishermen who used this bay as a little refugee after fishing trips, most of them having little houses that scatter along the small bits of land available there. Later it got an infamous name as it was used by pirates and smugglers who trafficked tobacco, sugar, weapons, and coffee! So get ready to jump back in time and experience history in person with our kayak rentals from El Portet!

El Portet Moraira

Snorkelling in & around El Portet

In addition to all that, the entire area is perfect for snorkelling and exploring the deep depths, parts of the Moraira & Javea coastline that have remained completely untouched by humans. Here, you can expect to find some of the most pristine and life-abundant sea conditions imaginable, life that is almost impossible to see anywhere else in Spain such as: dolphins, whales, and sea horses (amongst all the other incredibly unique creatures that live there). So if snorkelling and the underwater life is something that captures your interest, this kayak rentals in El Portet, Moraira are an absolute must for you!

El Portet Moraira

Paddle Boarding

El Portet, Moraira is fortunate enough to have one of the most diverse coastlines on the entire Costa Blanca, combining some flat shorelines with mountainous and Jurassic-looking cliff faces. Also, Moraira's coastline is made up of bays, meaning that external sea conditions rarely affect the sea there as we’ve briefly mentioned, always keeping it smooth and crystal clear. This provides a real transparent spectacle below your feet when paddle boarding! So in short, El Portet is perfect for renting paddle boards and going for adventures and exploring, where you can even take a snorkel mask or two with you and see all that lays below your feet! This is an absolute must when in Moraira.

El Portet Moraira

While you are in El Portet, Moraira

El Portet beach is breathtakingly magical, and is truly can be considered paradise on earth, so be sure to go and make the most of it and see for yourself just how amazing it is. However, should you finish up at Cala Tango, here’s a list of additional things you could check out! If you want more thorough information regarding things that can be done in and around El Portet, don't hesitate to get in touch on +34 639 908 367 or email us on info@siestaadvisor.com and we’d be more than happy to help!

El Portet Moraira

Cap d’Or hike

If hiking and taking a bit of an adventure is your thing, I would definitely recommend a quick little visit to the Torre del Cap d’Or. It is a very simple hike that does not require any climbing experience or additional equipment, making it a suitable hike for virtually everyone, even for families with smaller children! The route is very clearly signposted and painted with hiking trail signs, so you do not have to worry about ever getting lost. This hike takes you to an old watchtower that dates back to the 16th-century and that is over 11 meters tall. It was used, in combination with many more watchtowers across this part of the Spanish coastline, to surveil and warn of any potential pirate attacks and invasions! Nowadays the only thing you’ll have to be surveilling is the absolutely breathtaking panoramic views of the Coasta Blanca, often seeing as far as Benidorm! To make things even better, they recently renovated this hiking path and added some additional seating areas for those who really want to slow things down and enjoy their time there.  

El Portet Moraira

The Port of Moraira

Another scenic and beautiful things to experience in Moraira is the port. Historically it used to be a very active port in the region, home to tremendous amounts of trade and commerce that provided supplies and goods to the locals of Moraira and neighbouring towns. One of the most prominent items that used to pass through this port were dried grapes and wine, making their way all across the Mediterranean to be sold. Nowadays it is used more commercially and personally, people storing their own boats there. However, I would really recommend taking a calm and relaxing walk there, especially at night when it is beautifully lit up, and just experiencing the true Mediterranean lifestyle at its finest!

El Portet Moraira

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding at your fingertips!

So... I know we've already explained a thing or two about kayaking and paddle boarding in and around Cala Tango, but here's just a little more of a reminder! The coast and marine flora and fauna around Cala Tango is unparalleled. Kayaking and Paddle Boarding around this magical bay allows you to fully immerse yourself with nature, paddling besides an ancient and Jurassic-like coastline, snorkelling in transparent and crystalline waters filled with life, and pushing your limits in the most amazing way imaginable, through cliff jumping!

El Portet Moraira

Planning your trip to El Portet, Moraira

Are you planning to go to El Portet beach in Moraira, but you’re not quite sure how to get there or what to do? Well, luckily for you we have all the necessary information regarding how to get there! But should you still have any questions, or simply want some more information, do not hesitate to give us a ring +34 639 908 367 or email on info@siestaadvisor.com !

El Portet Moraira
Location of El Portet - Avinguda del Portet

How to get to El Portet

Fortunately, Portixol can be accessed in many ways. If you happen to be in Moraira and have access to a car, all you need to do is drive from Moraira city center a kilometre or two down the Avenida del Portet coastal road, a road that is very well and accurately signposted from the city centre! Following this road will eventually lead you to El Portet beach, and you don't have to worry about getting lost because there are no junctions or turns that you have to take! Equally, you could just write Calle Puerto de Santa Cruz into your GPS or navigation device and it'll lead you directly to the beach!

Places to park at El Portet

Much like beaches in Javea such as Granadella and Portixol beach, El Portet has a lot of parking. However, you must keep in mind that this beach is very popular, not only with tourists but locals, meaning that in summer months it fills up incredibly quickly. Thus, we always recommend to get there as early as possible (ideally around 09:00) in order to assure that you find parking! It may sound super early, however it’ll all be worth it when you get to spend the entire day at this spectacular beach we call El Portet. Having this is mind, you might want to apply the Spanish famous saying “a quien madruga Dios le ayuda”, which is the equivalent to "the early bird catches the worm"... Trust us on this one... it'll be worth it once you get there!

Transport to El Portet

Currently there are no forms of public transport down to El Portet beach, and if you also do not have a car, don’t worry, it is not the end of the world as you still have some alternatives to access El Portet! First, you could consider getting a taxi, a service that is always permitted to enter the beach, no matter the time. You could equally cycle down. However, our number one advice would be renting a Vespa! This would not only facilitate parking and access almost everywhere (somethimes including when the beaches are full), but also allow you to travel in between Moraira and Javea, as well as other neighboring towns such as Calpe and Denia with elegance and style!

Equally, you could walk down to El Portet! There is an incredible coastal route which takes you directly down to the beach. It is a very simple walk, suitable for all groups and ages, and arguably one of the best ways to access the beach! With beautiful spots on the way down for some photos, it is perfect for those who love an adventure and nature! Nonetheless, if you’re still hesitating regarding how to get to the El Portet, just give us a ring or email and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Additional Information

This stunning natural spot offers a wide range of services: restaurants, lifeguards, and water activities. Unlike some beaches in Javea like Granadella that has virtually no phone signal or internet, El Portet is fortunate enough to have some incredible phone signal, even being able to connect to 5G services! This way you'll always be able to reach friends and family at all times! But hey, make sure you don't get too distracted by technology and you take time to enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you on El Portet beach!

El Portet Moraira

The Cruz Roja in El Portet

As we've previously mentioned, the Arenal is arguably the safest beach in Javea, having dozens of lifeguards (also known as the Cruz Roja) stationed along the entirety of the 350 meter long beach! The presence of the Cruz Roja makes El Portet a very safe beach, as it has maritime emergency services in case anything happens, as well as two seperate huts on each side of the Arenal where you can be treated for possible injuries, anything from a little cut to some more serious injuries. Additionally, it is important to stay aware of El Portet’s beach flag system which informs people about the conditions of the sea, so, if you plan to go to El Portet, it will be of great use to know the differences between them:

•. Red flag : you will find this kind of flag on situations where it is forbidden to swim due to dangerous sea conditions.

Yellow flag : indicates the need to be careful when swimming as the sea conditions are not the best.

Green flag : shows that it is safe to swim on the beach.

Jellyfish flag : a white flag with two jellyfish that serves to warn of the high presence of these animals in the water.

El Portet Moraira

El Portet, a sandy miracle!

El Portet beach is the one of the few beaches in Moraira that is entirely sandy, a place where you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable pebbles digging into your feet when you walk across it! Instead, you can lay down your towels and sun umbrellas and enjoy the sun on your skin, the delicate sea breeze across your skin, and the refreshing Mediterranean salty air around you! In El Portet you can find almost every service you’d expect from a popular beach, from children’s playgrounds, beach volleyball nets, sun umbrellas and sunbeds, every types of restaurant, pharmacies, supermarkets and recycling bins!

El Portet Moraira

Crystal-clear turquoise waters and gentle white sand combined? Welcome to El Portet, the most picturesque, beautiful and exquisite beach on the entire coastline.

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