Paradise on earth... one of the most exquisite and beautiful beaches in Spain

An introduction to Cala Granadella, Javea

Granadella, located in Javea in the Alicante region of Spain, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Spanish coastline according to multiple national surveys. Surrounded by an incredible pine forest and known for its steep hills and crystal-clear waters, Granadella beach has been awarded with the prestigious Bandera Azul (Blue Flag) every year since 1989. The Blue Flag is a unique award given by the Foundation for Environmental Education, which shows that Granadella beach meets its standards of safety, information, and quality assurance. Here's a little fun fact: since the awards began in the year 1987, Spain has had more blue flags than any other country, Granadella playing a huge part in them!

Why is Granadella so special?

Even though Granadella is no more than 160 metres long, it offers a unique spot for sunbathing, swimming, relaxing, and for enjoying a wide variety of water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding (also known as SUP boarding). The large amount of marine life in its turquoise waters makes Granadella the ideal place for snorkelling and scuba diving in Javea, always being able to count on finding big shoals of fish and other spectacular marine life! Some of the fish you can expect to find (for those fish enthusiasts!) are: the incredibly popular Saddled Sea Bream, flatfish, stingrays, octopus, jellyfish (don't worry, a lot of them don't actually sting!), and if you are very lucky, some dolphins and sunfish!

Granadella, a geographical miracle?

Geographically, Granadella beach is surrounded by peaking mountains and rock formations, some reaching over one hundred meters from the sea level, meaning that the bay is extremely protected and sheltered. Why is this important? Well, it means that you get to enjoy the protection of the cliffs around you, sheltering you from strong gusts of wind and waves! That's to say that just outside the bay there could be a raging storm, however Granadella itself remains calm and protected! This is another reason why Granadella is perfect for swimming and carrying out different types of water sports as the sea always tends to remain flat and safe! What this also means is that it's absolutely perfect for families wish small children, where you never really have to worry about big waves, strong currents or an overall dangerous environment. It truly is heaven on earth! (You can find more information here)

Top things to do in Cala Granadella, Javea

Siesta Advisor has been operating and offering their services in Granadella, Javea for over a decade now... so we really do know all the things that can be done! For example, we offer a very wide variety of tours and excursions for all ages, capacities, and groups! When you book an excursion with us, either kayaking or paddle boarding, we will meet you directly at the picturesque bay of Granadella, where we prepare all the equipment directly there for the adventure just after having a short health and safety talk. We will meet with you on the far-left side of the Granadella, next to the traditional fishermen boats from the local people of Granadella.

Cova del Llop Marí

Whether you decide to kayak or paddle board at Granadella, the highly experienced and professional Siesta Advisor team will take you to the amazing Cova del Llop Marí, an incredible naturally formed cave, and go in to a little bit more detail, as well as tell and show you a secret or two there! But as a little spoiler, Cova del Llop Marí is a cave in which we can find a great variety of wildlife: starfish, octopuses, sea urchins, barracudas, as well as hundreds of fish. As well, the different coloured rocks which shape the cave depict all the natural processes occurring inside of it, being a great educational tool for those interested in geology! Legend has it that this cave’s name comes from the fact that long ago sea lions used to visit this cave while they were migrating, and local fishermen named it on behalf of these animals!

Cala en Caló

Furthermore, we will visit a completely isolated bay, called Cala en Caló, where you can enjoy snorkelling with hundreds of fish, all whilst swimming through an indescribable and pristine underwater sea cave. This little beach is only accessible by sea (making kayaking and paddle boarding from Granadella even more special); therefore it is very protected from human deterioration. The fact that it is not crowded is because it is hidden behind a large rock, making this beach almost invisible. In fact, until not so long ago it was not even marked on Google Maps. This beach has all the characteristics of a beach in exotic countries such as Thailand or Vietnam, however don't worry, we won't make you go so far to experience something just as beautiful! You can find a full guide of Cala en Calo here!

Cala Ambolo

Finally, we will take you to Cala Ambolo (full guide here), a peaceful and beautiful beach with a nudist tradition where you can sunbathe and take amazing pictures. It is the only nudist beach on the coast of Javea, making it a very unique beach on the coastline of Spain. However, we do offer a warning, if you see any sea snakes around, be careful not to grab it, as you might find an angry man attached to the other end of it! 😂 But jokes aside, Cala Ambolo is an incredible beach that is of immense beauty and really worth visiting. Historically, Cala Ambolo owes its name to the watchtower built in the 16th century, whose function was to watch over and defend the sea from pirate attacks. As Cala Ambolo is currently closed to the public, this beach remains a peaceful place to enjoy the sun from and to go for a swim, away from all the popular tourist hotspots! In other words, if you're interesting in accessing Cala Ambolo, a kayak or paddle board excursion with Siesta Advisor is the way to go!

While you are in Cala Granadella

Granadella isn't just any ordinary beach! There are countless things that can be done there and in its proximity! Here are just a few examples that you might find interesting! However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and if you want more thorough information regarding things that can be done in and around Granadella, don't hesitate to get in touch on +34 639 908 367 or email us on and we’d be more than happy to help!

Restaurants in Granadella, Javea

In Granadella we can find two restaurants, where we recommend you make a reservation if you want to eat in one of them as they tend to be pretty full during the summer months. Firstly, there is the Restaurante Sur, which serves delicious fresh seafood and typical Spanish dishes (we recommend their amazing paellas!). Restaurant Sur has been on the Granadella beach for an incredibly long time, dating back generation after generation and is very famous amongst the people in Javea. If you do get a chance to go to Restaurante Sur, look out for a gentleman called José, the current owner of this small and incredible family business! Next to it we can find La Bandideta, an open-air restaurant operating all year round. It has a wide range of products, offering take-away sandwiches for those who wish to eat a quick meal.

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding at your fingertips!

So... we've already explained a thing or two about kayaking and paddle boarding in Granadella, but here's just a little more of a reminder! The coast around Granadella beach hosts many secret bays, coves, and caves, but finding these alone can be a challenge. Discover completely isolated and hidden spots through our kayak and paddle board tours and get a more intimate experience than from ship or shore! Kayaking and paddle boarding in Granadella allows you to fully immerse yourself with nature, paddling besides an ancient and Jurassic-like coastline, snorkelling in transparent and crystalline waters filled with life, or exploring breath-taking caves of unimaginable beauty!

Other attractions nearby to Granadella

Very close to the Granadella beach you will find the viewpoint of Ambolo, or Mirador de Ambolo as the locals would call it. It is an incredibly beautiful viewpoint which allows you to observe Javea’s coastline and even peer across to Granadella. From this spot you can also access one of the most beautiful caves in Javea, the Cova del Llop Marí. It is an incredible and naturally formed cave that is incredible for snorkelling, climbing (psicobloc especially!) and overall exploring something you wouldn’t usually get to explore! You access this cave by going down the stairs that you can find on the right-hand side. It is a MUST for those visiting Javea and the Granadella region, and an overall great option for the most adventurous travellers!

Furthermore, visiting the lighthouse at Cap de la Nao cannot be missed out. It offers a quiet and calm space to be able to relax and take great pictures of the breath-taking scenery of Javea. As well, you can find the Cabo la Nao Restaurant there, where you can stop for a cold drink or a nice cup of coffee and enjoy some of the best panoramic sea views you could ever imagine!

Plan your trip to Cala Granadella

So how to get to Granadella? To be able to access the Granadella beach, you will have to take the Granadella/Cabo de la Nao road, which is perfectly indicated all the way from the heart of Javea. It usually takes around 15 to 20 minutes to reach the beach from Javea city centre, and you can expect to travel around 10 kilometres through beautiful Mediterranean curving roads. However, it is very advisable to use a GPS to avoid getting lost, as after all, it is a remote location and for those who do not know the area, the roads might be a little bit confusing and disorientating. For those coming with GPS, simply write in “Carretera Tio Catala, Jávea” and it should take you directly to Granadella beach, Javea.

Location of Granadella - Avenida Tío Català

Accessing and parking at Granadella (FULL GUIDE HERE)

Granadella beach itself has a big car park with capacity for dozens of cars - around 200 places in total for all the visitors. However, this space fills up super quickly during the summer months, therefore, to find a parking space it is necessary to arrive very early to the beach. As well, you can find some parking on the road going up from Granadella. Normally both car parks are already full by 10:00 am in the months of July and August. If you arrive and do not find any parking, we advise you not to leave the car on areas where it is not allowed to park such as on the sides of the narrow road (as you will see that many people do this). This is because the police goes down to Granadella very frequently and fines all of those who do now respect the parking areas, and even toes away cars in high summer season. Thus, if there is no parking, do not risk it, even if you see other people are doing it!

It should also be noted that in the summer months the beach is subject to a control limiting the number of visitors, so if the beach is full when you arrive, you will not be allowed to enter. Thus, it is best to get up early if you want to visit Granadella. Currently, no reservation system has been established to enter Granadella as in other nearby areas.

Transport to Granadella

Regarding transport to Granadella, there are no longer any buses or public transport which will take you to the Granadella beach, therefore if you don’t own a car the only options would be to get a taxi (even though in the summer period it is quite hard to get one), cycling down (in the case of you not owning a bicycle, you can rent a wide range of different types of bicycles with us at our Siesta Advisor shop on the Avenida de Paris 35, Javea), or, if you are sporty, you can even walk down to the beach, however, in the summer it reaches up to temperatures of 35ºC, so take a lot of water with you if you choose this option! However, our number one advice would be renting a Vespa! This would not only facilitate parking and access almost everywhere (somethimes including when the beaches are full), but also allow you to travel around Javea and neighboring towns with elegance and style! Nonetheless, if you’re still hesitating regarding how to get to Granadella, just give us a ring on +34 639 908 367 or email on and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Additional information

This stunning natural spot offers a wide range of services: restaurants, lifeguards, and water activities. However, as it is a remote location, there is not a good internet connection or phone signal down at the beach... but at the end of the day, this is perfect to be able to enjoy the moment and not be distracted by technology!

The Cruz Roja in Granadella

The presence of the Cruz Roja makes Granadella a very safe beach, as it has maritime emergency services in case anything happens, as well as a hut where you can be treated for possible injuries, anywhere from a little cut to some more serious injuries. Additionally, it is important to stay aware of Granadella’s beach flag system which informs people about the conditions of the sea, so, if you plan to go to Granadella, it will be of great use to know the differences between them:

•. Red flag : you will find this kind of flag on situations where it is forbidden to swim due to dangerous sea conditions.

Yellow flag : indicates the need to be careful when swimming as the sea conditions are not the best.

Green flag : shows that it is safe to swim on the beach.

Jellyfish flag : a white flag with two jellyfish that serves to warn of the high presence of these animals in the water.

Granadella, a health miracle?

As Granadella is a pebbled beach, it offers a great number of health advantages to its visitors. Since the beginning of time, pebbles have helped ancient populations become sturdier and stronger, strengthening the skin on the soles of their feet, and thus protecting them. Equally, medical studies have proven that walking on pebbles strengthens the muscles of the legs and feet, improving general circulation and avoiding illnesses. As well, children walking along pebbled beaches have a lower risk of developing flat feet. Thus, Granadella beach is not only the perfect location for those craving a fun and adventurous day out, but also for those who care about their health and the benefits of nature to the body.

Sustainability and Recycling

Unfortunately, we must mention that this area of Javea suffered a scary fire in the year 2016. Nowadays, you can still see the damage that this fire caused in Granadella, as some areas have still not fully recovered. For this very reason, it is very important to be very responsible and cautious when visiting the Granadella, as any plastic or other rubbish left behind is highly capable of provoking another fire due to the high temperatures and heat of the summer period. To avoid any future disaster of this kind, as well as to avoid plastic pollution and the vandalization of the area, the townhall has placed various bins along the beach to maintain clean conditions and to protect the nature in the area. Please do not forget to use them!

Paradise on earth... one of the most exquisite and beautiful beaches in Spain

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