A beach full of history and mystery... arguably the most spectacular beach on the Costa Blanca!

An introduction to Cala Portixol, Javea

Portixol beach is famously known for its unique fishermen houses with white facades and blue doors, something you have surely seen on Instagram! In other words, these little Greek-looking houses can be found everywhere on social media, and now represent not only this spectacular beach, but symbolize the true Mediterranean lifestyle Javea is renowned for. The little houses, named “barracas” in Spanish, also give this beach the secondary name that it often goes by – La Barraca Beach! But let’s not get confused, so we’ll stick to Portixol!

Cala Portixol, the best beach in Javea?

If you are looking for one of the best beaches in Javea, you may have found exactly what you’re looking for. Portixol, a small history and mystery-packed beach, is extremely exclusive and unique. It is renowned for its pristine crystal-clear waters and unimaginable reefs and underwater rock formations. This makes Portixol exceptional for those who love snorkeling away amongst some of the richest marine flora and fauna imaginable! You’d be amazed by all the fish that you can see on this beautiful beach, from stingrays, to octopus, and if you’re lucky... some sunfish!

Portixol, a beach filled with mysteries?

Portixol, Javea, is surrounded by tall cliffs and nature (much like Granadella beach!), meaning that it is equally protected and sheltered! However, this beach is full of history and mystery, places only accessible by kayak or paddle board. Paddling a little, you will find hard-to-access underwater caves that hide stories of smugglers and hidden treasures. The Cueva del Tabaco, for example, is a cave where tobacco and other contraband goods such as oil was hidden during the 19th century. Similarly, the Cueva del Oro is another cave where some say there are buried treasures. In fact, in the most recent discovery in September 2021, 53 gold Roman coins were found! So perhaps you could be the next treasure hunter and walk away with your ancient fortune!

Top things to do in Cala Portixol, Javea

Due to Portixol’s incredible coastline, pristine waters filled with unimaginable amounts of life, and incredible mysteries just around the corner, the best thing to do on Portixol is a kayak or paddle board excursion! Luckily for you, Siesta Advisor has extensive history operating and offering their services in Portixol, Javea. Having started kayaking from Portixol over a decade ago, Siesta Advisor is by far the most experienced and professional company to be offering kayaking excursions and rentals from there. This also means that we know about all the little secrets and hidden treasures (pun absolutely intended!) that kayaking in Portixol offers, something we are incredibly eager to share with fellow adventurers like yourself!

Cala el pom

Our adventure begins by visiting a completely isolated bay called Cala el Pom, an incredible little beach where you can enjoy snorkeling with hundreds of fish in the indescribably pristine waters littered with tremendous underwater rocks and structures! What makes Cala el Pom even better is the fact that it is only accessible by sea, making kayaking and paddle boarding from Portixol even more special. This also means that it is a beach that remains peaceful and calm, away from the tourist hotspots, and preserved from the detrimental effects of unsustainable tourism! In short, expect to find a great great variety of marine wildlife, from starfish, octopus, sea urchins, to stingrays and barracudas! Similar to Cala en Caló on Granadella, this bay has also remained off the radar until recently, not even being marked on Google Maps until recently!

Cap Negre

On this kayaking excursion from Portixol you will also visit the amazing Cap Negre peak, a spectacular and overwhelming rock formation that stands directly vertical above you, featuring some amazing colors that depict the natural geological processes occurring around Javea's coastline. It is a breathtaking sight to be directly below a natural rock formation that towers over 100 meters above you, putting into perspective just how small we truly are! It is hard to put into words just how overwhelming of a sensation you feel when you float below this colossal piece of nature!

Portixol Island

The tour finishes with a true highlight, arriving at Portixol island, an incredible place filled with natural wildlife and vegetation. It was around this island where treasures over the years have been found, including the 53 gold Roman coins just a year ago! On this island, we visit a completely hidden and naturally formed cave where you can take some absolutely breathtaking photos (take a look for yourself in our gallery!) and where we'll take a chance to relax and reconnect with nature! After this we will visit our famous "blue lagoon", a little water pool separated from the sea by land, measuring ten meters in depth, and portraying some of the most pristine water conditions you could ever imagine. It is also perfect for those who enjoy a bit of adrenaline and adventure, being able to do some cliff jumping! In short, our adventures and kayak excursions from Portixol are an absolute must for those craving an unforgettable experience!

While you're at Portixol

Apart from being an incredible beach to relax and spend the day at with friends and family, there are plenty more things to do whilst visiting Portixol, and here are just some of them!

Portixol Island

Just a hundred or so meters from shore you can see the Portixol island, a privately owned island with vast amounts of history. Long ago it was inhabited by Romans, thus it is possible to find archaeological remains such as Roman column bases and coins as we’ve previously mentioned! On top of that, it is also one of the best spots for snorkeling, due to its shallow waters and rich marine ecosystem full of Posidonia.

For those who don’t know, Posidonia is the name given to underwater seagrass meadows with incredible amounts of biodiversity that dwell within it! Posidonia can only be found in the Mediterranean Sea, Javea being home to vast amounts of these meadows. Posidonia has a fundamental role in the protection of our ecosystems, as it provides food and shelter for the fish. Furthermore, it purifies sea water, cleaning it up and allowing it to be crystal-clear. We could also say that Posidonia is the lungs of the sea as it absorbs enormous quantities of carbon dioxide (around 40x more than trees), transforming it into the oxygen we breathe, making Posidonia an essential tool on the fight against climate change!

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding at Portixol

Nonetheless, accessing this island can be very hard if you plan to swim there, as there are strong currents between the island and the mainland. Let’s not mention that if you do manage to get there, you’ll still struggle to find the incredible places that dwell on Portixol island and around it! That’s why we recommend our famous Portixol kayak tour where we show you all the secret bays, coves, caves, and underground waterfalls!

And going back to what we’ve just told you about the Posidonia that surrounds the island, we’ll also be able to dive into the pristine and transparent waters to be able to fully immerse ourselves with nature and the incredible wildlife there! Expect to find some of the most life-abundant waters you’ve ever seen!

Other Attractions nearby to Portixol

We’ve briefly mentioned this place in the planning your trip section, however, be sure to visit the Mirador de la Cruz del Portixol. This viewpoint is named after the iconic stone statue there in the shape of a cross. From this point you can take beautiful photographs with Portixol island in the background! From the Mirador de la Cruz del Portixol you can also access Cap Prim and Cala Sardinera, two hidden gems of Javea, accessible through a short and relaxing hike suitable for the whole family.

First, the Cap Prim hike leads you to a cliff ledge overlooking the coast of Jávea where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Montgó and Portixol island. This hiking route is well marked and is very easy, making it ideal for absolutely everyone.

Second, on the way to Cap Prim, you could take a little detour (as it is located on the same path!) and access Cala Sardinera! Its hidden access makes it much less crowded than other beaches on the Javea coastline, making it ideal for those who want a little bit more privacy. Crystalline waters, a seabed full of life and an unparalleled tranquility is what you can expect to find on this unknown beach of Javea. Keep in mind that you are on an isolated beach, with no lifeguard, no litter bins, and no services of any kind, so please be responsible and don't leave any rubbish behind. Thank you.

Planning your trip to Portixol, Javea

Are you planning to go to Portixol beach in Javea, but you’re not quite sure how to get there or what to do? Well, luckily for you we have all the necessary information regarding how to get to Portixol! But should you still have any questions, or simply want some more information, do not hesitate to give us a ring +34 639 908 367 or email on info@siestaadvisor.com ! However, here you can find a full guide of accessing Cala Portixol!

Address to Portixol - Carrer la Barraca

How to get to Portixol

Fortunately, Portixol can be accessed in many ways. If you happen to be in Javea and have access to a car, all you need to do is drive from Javea city center around eight kilometers along the Cabo de la Nao coastal road, a road that is very well and accurately signposted! You will arrive at a junction turning off the Cabo de la Nao road, heading downhill on Carrer de la Barraca, a road which you have to follow all the way until you arrive at Portixol beach!

Places to park at Portixol

Much like on Granadella beach, there is a lot of parking, allocated for around 100 cars, plus an additional 50 in private & paid parking. However, you must keep in mind that this beach is very popular, not only with tourists but locals, meaning that in summer months it fills up incredibly quickly. Thus, we always recommend to get there as early as possible (ideally before 09:00) in order to assure that you find parking! It may sound super early, however it’ll all be worth it when you get to spend the entire day at this spectacular beach we call Portixol.

It should also be noted that in the summer months the beach is subject to a control limiting the number of visitors, so if the beach is full when you arrive, you will not be allowed to enter. Having this is mind, you might want to apply the Spanish famous saying “a quien madruga Dios le ayuda”, which is the equivalent to "the early bird catches the worm"... Trust us on this one... it'll be worth it once you get there!

Transport to Portixol

Currently there are no forms of public transport down to Portixol beach, and if you also do not have a car, don’t worry, it is not the end of the world as you still have some alternatives to access Portixol! First, you could consider getting a taxi, a service that is always permitted to enter the beach, no matter the time. You could equally cycle down, be it through a mountain bike track (perfect for our mountain bikes), or on the beautiful coastal road leading down there (perfect for our electric bikes!). However, our number one advice would be renting a Vespa! This would not only facilitate parking and access almost everywhere (sometimes including when the beaches are full), but also allow you to travel around Javea and neighboring towns with elegance and style!

Equally, you could walk down to Portixol! There is an incredible route which takes you directly down to the beach. It is located next to the Mirador de la Cruz del Portixol, and it is renowned for being a beautifully refreshing walk down a gravel path in the middle of a pristine forest. It is a very simple walk, suitable for all groups and ages, and arguably one of the best ways to access the beach! With beautiful spots on the way down for some photos, it is perfect for those who love an adventure and nature! Nonetheless, if you’re still hesitating regarding how to get to the Portixol, just give us a ring on +34 639 908 367 or email on info@siestaadvisor.com and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Additional information

This stunning natural spot offers a wide range of services: restaurants, lifeguards, and water activities. Unlike Granadella beach, Portixol is fortunate enough to have some incredible phone signal, even being able to connect to 5G services! This way you'll always be able to reach friends and family at all times! But hey, make sure you don't get too distracted by technology and you take time to enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you on Portixol beach!

The Cruz Roja at Portixol

The presence of the Cruz Roja makes Portixol a very safe beach, as it has maritime emergency services in case anything happens, as well as a hut where you can be treated for possible injuries, anywhere from a little cut to some more serious injuries. Additionally, it is important to stay aware of Portixol’s beach flag system which informs people about the conditions of the sea, so, if you plan to go to Portixol, it will be of great use to know the differences between them:

•. Red flag : you will find this kind of flag on situations where it is forbidden to swim due to dangerous sea conditions.

Yellow flag : indicates the need to be careful when swimming as the sea conditions are not the best.

Green flag : shows that it is safe to swim on the beach.

Jellyfish flag : a white flag with two jellyfish that serves to warn of the high presence of these animals in the water.

Portixol, a health miracle?

As Portixol is a pebbled beach, much like Granadella, it offers a great number of health advantages to its visitors. Since the beginning of time, pebbles have helped ancient populations become sturdier and stronger, strengthening the skin on the soles of their feet, and thus protecting them. Equally, medical studies have proven that walking on pebbles strengthens the muscles of the legs and feet, improving general circulation and avoiding illnesses. As well, children walking along pebbled beaches have a lower risk of developing flat feet. Thus, Portixol beach is not only the perfect location for those craving a fun and adventurous day out, but also for those who care about their health and the benefits of nature to the body.

Sustainability and Recycling

We put a lot of emphasis on the vast amounts of marine flora and fauna at Portixol, thus it is very important to remain concious of poullution and our impact on our environment! As a way to minimize our impact, please focus on recycling appropriately (there are designated bins in the area), and not to leave any plastic or rubbish loose as gusts of wind can blow them into the ocean! Also, plastic or other rubbish left behind is highly capable of provoking another fire due to the high temperatures and heat of the summer period. To avoid any fires, as well as to avoid plastic pollution and the vandalization of the area, please be responsible and please do not forget to use the allocated bins!

We support The Ocean Cleanup

A beach full of history and mystery... arguably the most spectacular beach on the Costa Blanca!

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