Cala Granadella - How To Get There, Parking & Access in 2022

May 27, 2022

An Introduction to Cala Granadella

Cala Granadella, located in Javea in the Alicante region of Spain, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Spanish coastline according to multiple national surveys. Surrounded by an incredible pine forest and known for its steep hills and crystal-clear waters, Cala Granadella beach has been awarded with the prestigious Bandera Azul (Blue Flag) every year since 1989, an award asserting that Cala Granadella meets standards of safety, information, and quality assurance! Here's a little fun fact: since the awards began in the year 1987, Spain has had more blue flags than any other country, Cala Granadella playing a huge part in them!

In short, Cala Granadella is an absolute treasure of Javea, not only according to me, but also to national institutions, television channels, famous bloggers and youtubers & the everyday visitor! However, despite being so famous and magnificent, one thing remains troublesome... where is Cala Granadella, how can I get there & how can I access it during summer.

Figuring out hot to get to Cala Granadella, where to park, and how to access it can be difficult. However, don’t worry, we have devised the ULTIMATE guide answering all of your questions, and here are the following topics that we will cover:

1. Where is Cala Granadella

2. How to get to Cala Granadella

3. Different ways to access Cala Granadella in the Summer

4. Parking at Cala Granadella

5. Things to do at Cala Granadella

6. Additional Questions?

1. Where is Cala Granadella?

Where is Cala Granadella? Cala Granadella is located in Javea, a spectacular little town in the Alicante province of Eastern Spain. More specifically, Cala Granadella can be found on the southernmost part of Javea, bordering the unique coastline that separates Javea from Benitachell and the neighbouring town of Moraira. Due to its remote location outside of Javea city centre, and away from the tourist hotspots, it is often hard for people to find this spectacular bay.

2. How to get to Cala Granadella?

As Cala Granadella is located in such a remote part of Javea, it can often be difficult for tourists and those not local to the area to find this spectacular little bay! Nonetheless, with the right information you can get there without any issues!

How to get to Cala Granadella? To be able to access Cala Granadella, you have to follow the Carretera del Portixol road until you find the intersection towards Carretera de la Granadella. From there, follow the road straight without taking any turns and it will take you directly to Granadella, arriving at Carretera Tio Catala and your destination, Cala Granadella!

It usually takes around 15 to 20 minutes to reach the beach from Javea city centre, and you can expect to travel around 10 kilometres through beautiful Mediterranean curving roads. However, it is very advisable to use a GPS to avoid getting lost, as after all, it is a remote location and for those who do not know the area, the roads might be a little bit confusing and disorientating. For those coming with GPS, simply write in “Carretera Tio Catala, Jávea” and it should take you directly to Granadella beach, Javea.

Nonetheless, below you can find a more comprehensive step by step guide of how to get to Cala Granadella:

Step 1. Find your way to the Consum Supermarket roundabout in Javea and take the following CV-742 exit that says “Cap de la Nau & Granadella”.

Step 2. Stay on Carretera del Portixol. This is where people, and other blogs make mistake, as they tell you to stay on Carretera Cabo De La Nau. THIS IS WRONG, and this will take you to somewhere completely different! You need to stay on the Carretera del Portixol that will take you along a very curvy and relaxing ride amongst some beautiful Mediterranean vegetation, trees, and local houses!

Step 3. Turn off Carretera del Portixol at the intersection signposting Cala Granadella. You will find this intersection down a long stretch of road and after a gated residential area called Costa Nova. Here, you will be about to pull off to the right with the sign “Granadella” being clearly signposted. This will get you onto Carretera de la Granadella, and from there on, it’s a straight road ahead all the way down to Cala Granadella!

Step 4. Stay on the Carretera de la Granadella Road. You know you’re getting close to Cala Granadella when you get to the big & long section with a lot of curves, and with big white concrete blocks bordering the roadside! This is a beautiful and peaceful part of the drive, surrounded by the Forest of La Granadella which directly takes you to Cala Granadella.

3. How to Access Cala Granadella

We’ve heard many people say, “I can’t get to Cala Granadella”, or “They are not allowing me to enter the beach”, or even “how can I access Cala Granadella?”

This is because getting there is one thing... but how to access Cala Granadella, that’s another.

During the summer months, predominantly July and August, the local townhall of Javea put in restrictions and limit how many people are actually allowed down on the beach. This measure was put in place to combat the effects of massification and unsustainable tourism, as well as due to Cala Granadella’s small size!

So, how does this affect me? Well, if the beach is full, and they close access, you will not be able to visit this beautiful beach. On top of that, you will probably have been stuck in traffic towards the control barrier, burning alive in the summer heat, for you to finally get to the barrier with a glimmer of hope in your eye... to be told to turn around and get out of there as no more people are allowed down to the beach!

Yep, it sucks. But don’t worry, there are ways around this, so pay attention because here I will describe exactly how to access Cala Granadella and all the different tips and tricks you need to keep in mind! Here is a list of ways to access Cala Granadella:

• With Siesta Advisor
• By Car
• Locally Organized Shuttle Service
• Going by Motorbike
• Taking a Taxi
• Cycling down
• Walking or Hiking

We will break down the advantages and disadvantages of each of these in the following section!

Accessing Cala Granadella with Siesta Advisor


No matter what time of the day, even when the control is in place limiting access, if you have a reservation to a service like one of our famous kayak tours, you will be allowed to access Cala Granadella. This means that you don’t really have to worry about the time of day you come (but it is still very recommended to come as early as possible to facilitate parking), and you’ll also be able to come in the comfort of your car! In other words, accessing Cala Granadella through a service is like having a bypass to enter the beach!

Equally, you’ll benefit from having an incredible experience lined up for you, significantly more special and memorable than Cala Granadella itself. If you’re curious, look no further than our Cala en Caló or Cala Ambolo article, a place we visit from Cala Granadella.


I would say none... however, there is unfortunately no way to avoid the complexity of parking... thus, we always tell you to come AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE to ensure a well located parking spot.

Accessing Cala Granadella by Car


Going by car is by far the most comfortable way to access Cala Granadella. Not only will you be able to transport all the things that you’ll need for your perfect day out such as sun umbrellas, chairs, and snorkels and everything for a picnic... but also you’ll have the privilege of not relying on an external service to take you there!

Equally, when you think you’ve enjoyed the sun and the water enough, you can simply pack up your things and leave without any issue!


Nonetheless, this all comes with a catch! If you wish to go by car, you’ll have to go super early in the morning (ideally before 09:00!) to ensure two things:

1.     That the barrier limiting access to the beach is still open and thus you’re allowed to enter

2.     That you can find parking, something which we’ll discuss in more detail later.

Accessing Cala Granadella by Shuttle Service

(NOTE – the townhall of Javea have not yet announced for 2022 whether this shuttle service will be in place)


The townhall of Javea sometimes organises a shuttle service down to Cala Granadella. This means you avoid the necessity to worry about parking as well as having to go super early. This shuttle service is reliable and runs all day from 09:00 – 17:00 when in service, and you can find it starting from the Zona Verda Granadella park, just off the Carretera de la Granadella road onto the Urbanització Costa Nova Ambolo road. Taking this road will take you to a parking where the shuttle service will be making trips up and down from Cala Granadella!


Obviously, the main disadvantage of going with the shuttle service is that it can take a long time for it to go down and up from Cala Granadella, each round trip taking around 30 minutes. And if there is already a large queue of people, you may have to wait multiple turns to fit on the bus! Equally, you may not have as much space as you’d want to carry all your beach necessities such as chairs, sun umbrellas, etc. etc.!

Accessing Cala Granadella by Motorbike


Arguably one of the best ways to access Cala Granadella! Because of how small a motorbike is in comparison to a car, the staff limiting access to the beach tend to be a lot more lenient allowing access to motorbikes! Equally, you don’t have to worry as much about parking as you’ll almost always be able to fit in between a car or two, avoiding the tricky parking process. - More information about our Vespa Rentals here!


At the end of the day, it is still not guaranteed that you’ll be able to access to beach! Ultimately, it all gets decided by what mood the monitor is in! But here’s a tip... take them a cold drink as they are there suffering in the sun all day, and they may just let you down hahaha!

Going to Cala Granadella by Taxi


Taxi’s have exclusive access to enter Cala Granadella, meaning that they will always be allowed to enter, no matter the time of day. This can be very convenient as you get the best of both worlds – you get to ride in comfort, take all your belongings, and go at whatever time you wish!


On the other hand, this is a fairly expensive way of accessing the beach, as you can also expect to stand in traffic for a significant period of time during the summer, something that will significantly drive up the costs. Equally, don’t forget, going down is one thing, but you’ll also have to get back, doubling all the costs as a whole!

Cycling to Cala Granadella


You will always be able to access the beach, as there aren’t any restrictions for cyclists! This is refreshing, healthy and fun alternative to taking any form of motorised transport, and it can make you appreciate Cala Granadella even more when you arrive! You can find some bikes here!


The only disadvantage is that there aren’t any designated and specialised bike locking areas! Nonetheless, you will always be able to find a post or two where you’ll be able to keep your bike!

Hiking & Walking to Cala Granadella


You will be able to access the beach.


Almost everything! We would not recommend for anyone to walk down to Cala Granadella from the access point! We see many families, often with young children, taking the initiative to walk over three kilometres down burning hot tarmac, under a scorching sun, and on a busy road. This can be very dangerous, and you can almost certainly expect to get a heatstroke and an overall unpleasant experience even if you manage to arrive at the beach.

In other words, it’s not worth it, and if you really crave to go to Cala Granadella, it’s best to come back another day, or choose one of the alternative methods of getting down to the beach.

4. Parking at Cala Granadella

So, you’ve managed to get past the control limiting access to Cala Granadella, now comes an even more important question... Where to park at Cala Granadella? Well, in total there are 4 main parking locations, with access and capacity for around 200 cars. The parking locations are the following:

  • Barranc de la Granadella
  • Carrer del Pic Tort
  • Carrer del Pic Tort Park
  • Camí Ancla
  • Roadside Parking (WARNING)

Barranc de la Granadella

This is the first parking zone that you’ll come across and it is fairly big with enough space for around 30-40 cars depending on how efficiently people park. It is surrounded by trees, meaning that your car will remain in the shade for almost the entirety of the day which is a huge bonus.

You will have to take a short walk to Cala Granadella (around 5-10 minutes), however, the majority of the walk is in the shade, and it is very pleasant. In fact, there is a famous little hiking route there which avoids the necessity to walk on the roadside completely!

Carrer del Pic Tort

The best place to park when coming to Cala Granadella is on Carrer del Pic Tort. It is located right next to the beach, and it’s long and curving roads allow for around 150 cars to park.

The earlier you arrive, the closer to the beach you’ll be able to park, making the distance and access all the easier. Here, make sure that you use your handbrake, and even place a little stone behind your back tyres as the entire parking is on an incline!

Carrer del Pic Tort Park

This is probably the best parking spot of all, being the closest to the beach, being shaded by trees, and being an overall easily accessible parking spot in Cala Granadella. However, as it is by far the best parking spot there, it gets filled up the quickest... so if you want to park here, do come as early as possible... but it will all be worth it!

Don't worry, the sign says "Prohibited to Camp", not "Prohibited to Park"!

Camí Ancla

There is also a parking zone, equally close to Cala Granadella, that is organized by the locals. They charge you around €10 to park there (for as long as you want during your beach day), and it almost always has spaces. It is very convenient, but does come with a little price.

Roadside Parking

Along the Carretera de la Granadella, as you approach Cala Granadella especially, you will see lots of cars parking on the roadside as there are little places you can squeeze into. This is perfectly fine but BE VERY CAREFUL!

If your car crosses onto the road even one centimetre, the police are very likely to give you a fine or simply tow your car away, making your stay at Cala Granadella a rather expensive one... So if you do decide to park by the roadside, only do so if you are certain that no part of your car is intruding the road, not even by a centimetre!

At the end of the day, if you don’t manage to find parking, do not risk parking illegally as its not worth it. Simply take a ride up Carrer del Pic Tort, joining you back onto Carretera de la Granadella, and see if anyone has left by the time you come back around! Equally, the intersection joining Carretera de la Granadella from Carrer del Pic Tort takes you to a beautiful lookout point called Mirador Granadella, a beautiful scenic location where you can relax for a little bit before you continue your search for parking!

5. Things to do at Cala Granadella

Congratulations, you’ve successfully made it to Cala Granadella and managed to park. And now what? Well, we have a more comprehensive guide on Cala Granadella itself here, nonetheless, here’s a brief summary of the kind of things that can be done on Cala Granadella!

Even though Granadella is no more than 160 metres long, it offers a unique spot for sunbathing, swimming, relaxing, and for enjoying a wide variety of water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding (also known as SUP boarding). The large amount of marine life in its turquoise waters makes Granadella the ideal place for snorkelling and scuba diving in Javea, always being able to count on finding big shoals of fish and other spectacular marine life!

Kayaking & Paddle boarding at Cala Granadella

The coast around Cala Granadella beach hosts many secret bays, coves, and caves, but finding these alone can be a challenge. Discover completely isolated and hidden spots through our kayak and paddle board tours and get a more intimate experience than from ship or shore! Check out our guides about Cala Ambolo and Cala en Caló, two secluded little bays you'll visit from Granadella!

Kayaking and paddle boarding in Cala Granadella allows you to fully immerse yourself with nature, paddling besides an ancient and Jurassic-like coastline, snorkelling in transparent and crystalline waters filled with life, or exploring breath-taking caves of unimaginable beauty!

Restaurants at Cala Granadella

In Granadella we can find two restaurants, where we recommend you make a reservation if you want to eat in one of them as they tend to be pretty full during the summer months. Firstly, there is the Restaurante Sur, which serves delicious fresh seafood and typical Spanish dishes (we recommend their amazing paellas!).

Restaurante Sur has been on Cala Granadella for an incredibly long time, dating back generation after generation and is very famous amongst the people in Javea. If you do get a chance to go to Restaurante Sur, look out for a gentleman called José, the current owner of this small and incredible family business!

Next to it we can find La Bandideta, an open-air restaurant operating all year round. It has a wide range of products, offering take-away sandwiches for those who wish to eat a quick meal.

6. Additional Questions?

Do you have any additional questions about Cala Granadella, where to park, how to get there, etc.? Well, don’t hesitate and ask away! We are more than happy to answer all your questions and queries without issue! So... if you are unsure or uncertain about something, ask away and we’ll always be there to answer your questions! You can contact us via email on, or equally on phone & Whatsapp on +34 639 908 367

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