A Kayaker's Adventure in Javea - Full Experience 2022

July 27, 2021

When I started planning my trip to Costa Blanca, known in English as the White Coast of Spain, I ran across the company Siesta Advisor. They specialize in adventure holidays and guided excursions. After contacting Tamas, the owner of the company, about possibly doing a beach excursion, he immediately replied that my boyfriend and I would much prefer a kayaking excursion along the coast. How could I say no to that?!

After a bit of a stressful time the day before (thanks Alicante airport for eating my debit card!), it was so refreshing to be heading out on this adventure. Plus, it was such a fun couple activity! It’s the perfect price, we are still working on our kayaking/paddling skills.

Tamas graciously picked us up from the bus depot and took us to this secluded beach. I think I could have spent all day just hanging around this cove! Although the sun wasn’t that strong, the water was still a gorgeous blue/teal/turquoise color. All ready for our adventure! See the outfit the Prince is wearing? Yours truly picked out the coral shirt and teal swim trunks because I told him, “you need more color in your life, especially for Spain!”

The water was so blue and incredibly calm the day we went kayaking! It started getting a bit wavy but only on the way back. I managed to sneak a picture of Tamas while we were on our way to that lighthouse! During the height of summer season, there are opportunities during this tour to go snorkelling. While we didn’t partake in that due to the colder temperatures, we did stop at some beaches for rest periods.

Called this place Jurassic Park and the entire time we were kayaking through here, I expected to see a velociraptor appear! I’ll be 100% honest, I *barely* edited these photos at all. So yes, the water was naturally this green/teal. The coolest part was that these caves and inlets were totally secluded and only in about 2-4 feet (about a meter-ish) of water! By the end of this trip, we felt like such pro kayakers. For evidence, see photo above. Also, how adorable does the Prince look kayaking?! Unfortunately, the cave had horrible, reflective lighting but I tried the best I could to capture him!

Ughhh, I just can’t get over how amazing the coastline was while kayaking Costa Blanca! The Prince and I can’t thank Tamas enough and Siesta Advisor for being such accommodating, gracious, and fun hosts! This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip! If you’re headed to Costa Blanca, I would HIGHLY recommend getting in touch with Siesta Advisor to plan your own special adventure!

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