Summer Camp Javea - The BEST Camp 2022

July 25, 2021

Siesta Advisor Summer Camp

Do you remember the nostalgic days when summer meant being outside all day long, exploring nature, searching for all things wild and wonderful? Our team at Siesta Advisor still does! We have passion for educating and promoting a profound love for the sea, nature and the environment as a whole. We also aim to open up your child’s eyes and show them the hidden treasures that lurk around every corner of Javea, from incredible cathedral-like sea caves to swimming with and feeding hundreds of fish.

Imagine a seriously active week that has been thoughtfully crafted to challenge the mind and the body of your child, where they learn to forget the necessity of giving likes and commenting on posts, and learn to appreciate nature for what it is. Our professional team will keep the children engaged during the whole fun-filled and adventure packed summer camp.

Each day will be spent enjoying different and exhilarating activities; some that they might have always wanted to try and some that they may not have even heard of. It may include kayaking along Jurassic coastlines, learning how to snorkel and dive into underwater cave systems, understanding how to stand up on a paddle board or even rock jumping.

Siesta Advisor offers more activities than ever with extremely competent instructors in each activity. We only work with small groups in order to be able to put emphasis on making the experience intimate and familiar. We believe that this will give your child the best opportunity to discover new forms of socialising, new hobbies or even new passions. After all, our main objective is to create unforgettable memories, to foster lifelong friendships and to teach our groups to be more confident and capable young men and women.

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