Siesta Advisor Policy Guide

Last Updated: February, 15th, 2024

Welcome to the Siesta Advisor Policy Guide. This comprehensive document serves as your roadmap to understanding our policies and procedures, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience with us. Within this guide, you will find detailed explanations of our cancellation, weather, age and health restrictions, late arrival, behavioral expectations, privacy, and environmental responsibility policies.

Our policies are designed with your safety, enjoyment, and convenience in mind. Whether you're planning to book an adventure with us or have already done so, this guide provides essential information to help you prepare for your activity. By familiarizing yourself with these policies, you can ensure that your Siesta Advisor experience is not only memorable but also aligns with our shared values of respect, safety, and environmental stewardship.

Please take a moment to review each section carefully. Understanding these policies will help you navigate your interactions with Siesta Advisor and enhance your overall experience. If you have any questions or need further clarification, we are always here to help.

Let's embark on this journey together, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience with Siesta Advisor.

1. Cancellation Policy

1.1 24-Hour Full Refund

Customers are granted a full refund for cancellations made at least 24 hours before the activity's scheduled start. Cancellations need to be communicated in written form, either through an email addressed to our official contact or via the booking platform used for the reservation. Refund requests are processed promptly but may take 7-10 business days to reflect in the customer's account, depending on the processing times of the financial institutions involved.

1.2 Exceptions to Policy

We recognize that life can be unpredictable, and certain circumstances, such as sudden illness, family emergencies, or other significant events, may necessitate last-minute cancellations. In such cases, we are willing to review exceptions to our cancellation policy on a case-by-case basis. To consider an exception, customers are required to provide relevant documentation (e.g., medical notes, death certificates) supporting their claim. Our goal is to be as accommodating as possible while maintaining fairness to all parties involved.

2. Weather Policy

2.1 Siesta Advisor's Discretion

Our primary concern is the safety and enjoyment of our participants. Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel tours due to adverse weather conditions that could jeopardize the safety of participants and staff. The decision to cancel a tour rests solely with Siesta Advisor and is made with the best interest of all parties in mind.

2.2 Client's Weather Concerns

Siesta Advisor prioritizes the safety of its participants and reserves the right to judge whether a tour is safe to proceed, considering current and forecasted weather conditions. If a client opts not to participate due to personal weather-related concerns, despite the tour being deemed safe by Siesta Advisor, the client will be entitled to a voucher for rebooking the activity at a later date. No monetary refunds will be provided in such cases, emphasizing the importance of our discretion in determining tour safety.

2.3 Notification of Cancellations

Should a tour be cancelled due to weather conditions, Siesta Advisor will notify all affected clients as early as possible via email or telephone. We aim to provide timely updates to ensure minimal inconvenience to our clients.

3. Age and Health Restrictions

3.1 Physical Fitness Requirement

Participation in our activities requires a basic level of physical fitness. While we do not set a minimum age for participation, it is crucial that all participants can handle the physical demands of the chosen activity. This requirement is in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants.

3.2 No Refund for Lack of Fitness

It is the responsibility of each participant to evaluate their physical condition and readiness to partake in the activity. Refunds will not be issued to participants who are unable to complete an activity due to their physical fitness level.

3.3 Disclosure of Health/Dietary Restrictions

It is the client's responsibility to inform Siesta Advisor of any health conditions, dietary restrictions, or other concerns that may affect their ability to participate fully and safely in the activity. This disclosure should be made at the time of booking or as soon as the condition becomes known to the client.

3.4 Sobriety Requirement

Participants must not be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any substance that could impair judgment, coordination, or the ability to participate safely in the activity. Siesta Advisor reserves the right to deny participation to anyone suspected of being under the influence, with no refund provided.

4. Late Arrival Policy

4.1 Timeliness is Crucial

To ensure the best experience for all participants, our activities start strictly on time. Participants arriving more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time will be considered no-shows and may miss the opportunity to join the activity.

4.2 No Refund or Rescheduling

Participants who fail to arrive on time are not eligible for a refund or an opportunity to reschedule. We encourage all participants to plan accordingly to avoid disappointment.

4.3 Communication of Delays

Should you anticipate being late, please contact Siesta Advisor at your earliest convenience. While we cannot guarantee accommodation for late arrivals, we will do our best to assist where possible.

5. Behavioural Expectations

5.1 Respectful Conduct

Participants are expected to conduct themselves respectfully at all times, showing courtesy to both our staff and fellow participants. Disruptive behaviour, including but not limited to harassment, discrimination, and compromising the safety of others, will not be tolerated.

5.2 Consequences of Misconduct

Siesta Advisor reserves the right to terminate the participation of any individual found engaging in unacceptable behaviour. Such individuals will be removed from the activity without a refund. Further legal actions may be taken if deemed necessary.

6. Privacy Policy

6.1 Data Collection and Use

The personal information we collect during the booking process is used exclusively for booking management and to ensure the safety of our participants. We are committed to protecting your privacy and handling your data with care.

6.2 Data Security

We adhere to strict data protection protocols to safeguard your personal information. Your data will not be shared with third parties without your explicit consent, except where required by law.

6.3 Data Access Rights

Participants have the right to request access to their personal data held by Siesta Advisor. Requests for data correction or updates to inaccurate information will be processed promptly.

6.4 Photo Release and Use

During our tours, Siesta Advisor captures numerous photos that are shared with participants as a courtesy. By participating in our tours, clients grant Siesta Advisor permission to use these images for commercial purposes, including but not limited to marketing, promotions, and social media. This photo release extends without requiring additional consent or providing compensation to the participants. Clients who do not wish to have their photos used for commercial purposes must inform Siesta Advisor in writing prior to the start of the tour. While we strive to respect the privacy preferences of all our clients, it is crucial for participants to communicate their non-consent proactively. This comprehensive photo release policy ensures clarity and mutual understanding regarding the use of images captured during our activities. It reflects our commitment to respecting our clients' preferences while allowing us to showcase the memorable experiences that Siesta Advisor offers.

7. Environmental Responsibility

7.1 No Littering

Participants must adhere to a strict no-littering policy. All waste must be disposed of in the appropriate receptacles provided during the tour.

7.2 Respect for Nature

We are privileged to explore and enjoy natural settings, and it is our collective responsibility to minimize our impact. Damaging flora, disturbing wildlife, or altering the natural state of our tour locations is strictly prohibited.

7.3 Penalties for Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with our environmental policies may result in immediate removal from the activity without a refund. Repeat offenders may face restrictions on future bookings with Siesta Advisor.

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