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Professional Paddle Board Lesson

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Paddle Board Lesson

Do you want to learn how to stand up paddle board (SUP) in Javea? If you're looking for a little bit more guidance, our professional paddle board lesson from the world-class athlete James van Drunen is the answer for you. Being not only one of the best paddle boarders in Spain, but in the entire world, this incredibly sophisticated class will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about paddle boarding! From balance training, turning, stopping, James will give you his personal attention and advice to ensure that you're given the best possible kickstart into this new and upcoming water activity!

Why choose a professional paddle board lesson?

James' vast knowledge and expertise is sure to teach you absolutely everything you need to know in an incredibly short period of time! He will be able to personally tailor each training session to the needs and requirements of each group as well as each individual within your group, meaning that every single person receives sophisticated tips and tricks throughout the entire class. Learning how to stand up paddle board has never been easier, and if sport is your new and upcoming passion, this lesson will only make the experience all the better!

Is stand up paddle boarding easy?

Stand up paddle boarding requires some basic core strength, balance and an overall understanding of the equipment you're using (paddles, leashes, the board, the fins). If you have this basic understanding, stand up paddle boarding is a walk in the park (or, more so on the water!) and you will get the hang of it within no time. But that is exactly why a quick crash course from our world-class professional athlete would facilitate the learning curve tremendously. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the new passion of your life!

What is included in our professional paddle board lessons:

The professional and world-class guidance from our multilingual athlete, James van Drunen

• High quality and maintained stand up paddle board

• A leash

• Waterproof bag for phones to take photos

• Access to changing rooms and a warm shower after the activity

• A cup of coffee

• Photographs taken by James

What else is included in our paddle board lesson in Javea?

• The training and advice from James van Drunen

• Future contact with James in order to be able to further cultivate your stand up paddle board passion

• Additional advice, tips and tricks after your lesson

Length of the professional paddle board lesson in Javea

Each tour is around 1h30! This amount of time is perfect for us to be able to teach you all the essentials and basics of paddle boarding.

Types of water conditions

The Mediterranean is blessed with very calm water conditions due to its enclosed nature. Additionally, this area of Javea is in a bay itself, meaning that even when the open sea is rough, we are protected and sheltered by the coastline! We are fortunate enough to have some of the best conditions on the Costa Blanca, with crystal-flat waters almost every single day! However, no matter the conditions, this professional paddle board lesson will make the best of any conditions that may be encountered!

Best time of day to paddle board

Be it in the morning when it’s less busy, or later in the afternoon to experience beautiful sunsets, paddle boarding with Siesta Advisor is exceptional all-day. In the morning people can enjoy the privacy and the tranquillity of the sea, at midday those who tend to get cold in the sea can enjoy the refreshing sunlight warming your body whilst you float around, and in the afternoon you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and prepare yourself for a calm and refreshing night with the family or friends! Additionally, paddle boarding in Javea can be done all-year! Javea boasts with having around 330 sunny days a year, meaning that even winter temperatures can reach 25oc! Let’s not forget, out of season there is significantly reduced tourism, meaning that you will be able to enjoy more private and intimate tours with your friends and family, often having a guide just to yourself!

How to access Javea

Luckily, because this tour starts from central Javea and it takes place early in the morning, you will not have any issues getting to this location or accessing the starting point. In other words, it is very central to Javea, so this paddle board tour is also perfect for those who may not have transport but still wish to experience the paddle boarding adventures in Javea!

Parking is also significantly easier from this point, where we have access to almost an entire car park just to ourselves where you'll be able to leave all your personal belongings. Equally, it stops you from having to trek miles in order to get back to your car after your paddle boarding excursion, meaning that it's just that easier for you and your group!

Recommended clothing for paddle boarding in Javea

We highly recommend doing the excursion in swimwear and/or clothes that you don’t mind getting wet as paddle boarding is a water-based activity. Appropriate footwear (not flip-flop, not slippers, closed beach shoes) is also important, not only for your safety, but also for your personal comfort when disembarking on small, beautiful pebbly beaches. One or two towels are also advisable.

Additional things recommended for your paddle boarding excursion

Drinking water is essential as to avoid dehydration throughout the tour, and a few snacks (sandwiches, fruits, chocolate bars, nuts, sweets) to help with energy.

Paddle Board Lesson - FAQ

1. What is a paddle board lesson?

A paddle board lesson is an opportunity to learn how to stand up paddle board (SUP) in Javea. Our professional lesson, led by world-class athlete James van Drunen, provides guidance and training on all aspects of paddle boarding.

2. Why choose a professional paddle board lesson?

Our professional lesson with James van Drunen ensures you receive expert knowledge and personalized attention. James will tailor the training session to your group's needs, offering sophisticated tips and tricks to enhance your paddle boarding skills in a short period of time.

3. Is stand up paddle boarding easy?

Stand up paddle boarding requires some basic core strength, balance, and understanding of the equipment. With the right guidance, it becomes an accessible and enjoyable activity. Our professional lesson helps you grasp the fundamentals quickly, making the learning curve smoother.

4. How long is the professional paddle board lesson in Javea?

Each paddle board lesson lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. This duration allows us to cover all the essentials and basics of paddle boarding, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

5. What are the water conditions like for paddle boarding in Javea?

Javea benefits from calm water conditions in the enclosed Mediterranean. The specific area where we operate is within a bay, providing additional protection from rough open sea conditions. With crystal-flat waters on most days, we offer some of the best conditions on the Costa Blanca.

6. When is the best time of day for paddle boarding?

Paddle boarding with Siesta Advisor is exceptional at any time of day. Mornings offer privacy and tranquility, while the afternoon provides beautiful sunsets. Javea's climate allows for paddle boarding year-round, with approximately 330 sunny days per year. Winter temperatures can reach 25°C, and offseason offers reduced tourism, ensuring more intimate experiences.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn paddle boarding from a world-class athlete and explore the stunning waters of Javea. Book your paddle board lesson with Siesta Advisor now!

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