Paddle Board Rent Javea
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Paddle Board Rent Javea

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Paddle Board Rent Javea (SUP Rent Javea)

Stand up paddle board's (also known as SUP boards!) are the new, modern and eco-friendly way to get out on the water and have some tremendous amounts of fun! Having grown enormously in popularity over the past few years, especially in Javea, it is the perfect activity for all groups and ages. However, paddle boarding in Javea comes with a warning: paddle boarding and learning how to perfect it can be seriously addictive and could be the beginning of a new lifelong passion... I have already fallen victim to paddle boarding, jumping on board (pun intended!) ever chance I get, and who knows, you may be next!

Is Paddle Boarding in Javea for me?

Well, let's just say that paddle boarding is incredibly easy to learn and that anyone can do it, irrelevant of age or experience! Additionally stand up paddle boarding is perfect for your health, significantly improving balancing, core strength, muscular endurance, neuromuscular coordination, agility, cardiovascular health and most importantly - confidence! Going out on a paddle board in Javea is an absolute must, be it for the incredible health benefits, or the unforgettable experience. So ready, set, paddle!

Why is Javea perfect for renting paddle boards?

Javea is fortunate enough to have one of the most diverse coastlines on the entire Costa Blanca, combining some flat shorelines with mountainous and Jurassic-looking cliff faces. Also, Javea's coastline is made up of bays, meaning that external sea conditions rarely affect the sea, always keeping it smooth and crystal clear - providing a real transparent spectacle below your feet when paddle boarding! So in short, Javea is perfect for renting paddle boards and going for adventures and exploring, where you can even take a snorkel mask or two with you and see all that lays below your feet! This is an absolute must when in Javea.

I've never tried renting paddle boards in Javea, will I be able to do it?

Luckily it's a super quick activity to learn and you can master paddle boarding in a matter of minutes with the right instructions! After that, all you need to do is improve your balance and focus on small little things to seriously start paddling! And that's where the real fun begins! Paddle boards are for all ages and skill levels, allowing the activity to be experienced by virtually all! And as always our experienced and world-class instructors are always there to help teach you the right technique and help you in any way you may need before you hit the water!

Where can I do my paddle board rentals from in Javea?

In Javea we have a wide variety of places you can do paddle boarding from! We usually personally recommend which location we recommend at a specific moment in time, so it is best to call us and discuss in person! Nonetheless, if you're interested in finding out more about the locations that we cover and what can be done there, use the links below!

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What is included in our paddle board rentals in Javea:

A professional introduction into paddle boarding, teaching the basics of paddling and standing

High quality and maintained stand up paddle board

A leash

• Waterproof bag for phones to take photos

Snorkel mask

Access to changing rooms and a warm shower after the activity

• A cup of coffee

What else is included in our paddle board rentals in Javea?

• The teaching and advice from our professional monitors

• Access to emergency jet-ski services in case of any issues

Additional advice, tips and tricks after your lesson if you wish!

Length of the paddle board rentals in Javea

Each rental is between 1h00-3h00! This amount of time is perfect for us to be able to explore and paddle board down the coastline as well as be able to snorkel and explore the underwater secrets offered by wherever you go!

How long are you on the water

You are on the water approximately half of the rental coasting down along with the waves, and the other half you visit the beautiful and hidden locations offered by the tour as well as snorkel and have snacks!

Types of water conditions

The Mediterranean is blessed with very calm water conditions due to its enclosed nature. Additionally, this area of Javea is in a bay itself, meaning that even when the open sea is rough, we are protected and sheltered by the coastline! We are fortunate enough to have some of the best conditions on the Costa Blanca, with crystal-flat waters almost every single day!

Best time of day to paddle board

Be it in the morning when it’s less busy, or later in the afternoon to experience beautiful sunsets, paddle boarding with Siesta Advisor is exceptional all-day. In the morning people can enjoy the privacy and the tranquillity of the sea, at midday those who tend to get cold in the sea can enjoy the refreshing sunlight warming your body whilst you float around, and in the afternoon you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and prepare yourself for a calm and refreshing night with the family or friends! Additionally, paddle boarding in Javea can be done all-year! Javea boasts with having around 330 sunny days a year, meaning that even winter temperatures can reach 25oc! Let’s not forget, out of season there is significantly reduced tourism, meaning that you will be able to enjoy more private and intimate tours with your friends and family, often having a guide just to yourself!

How to access Javea

Please refer to the following links to read about accessing Granadella, Portixol or Javea. We will also send you a detailed email after you make your reservation.

Recommended clothing for paddle boarding in Javea

We highly recommend doing the paddle board rental in swimwear and/or clothes that you don’t mind getting wet as paddle boarding is a water-based activity. Appropriate footwear (not flip-flop, not slippers, closed beach shoes) is also important, not only for your safety, but also for your personal comfort when disembarking on small, beautiful pebbly beaches. One or two towels are also advisable.

Additional things recommended for your paddle board rental

Drinking water is essential as to avoid dehydration throughout the tour, and a few snacks (sandwiches, fruits, chocolate bars, nuts, sweets) to help with energy.

Q1: Why should I use Siesta Advisor for my experience in Javea?

A1: When debating whether booking with us or not, please consider the following, we hope that the information below is reassuring enough:

• Siesta Advisor is the most sophisticated and experienced activity centre on the Costa Blanca. With over ten years of experience behind us, we have managed to master customer service and customer experience, merging it into the most perfect, smooth and unforgettable experience for each client.

• Siesta Advisor is the only Activity Center in Javea operates 24/7 with a unique way. We have a special out of hours service which means we are available on the phone or by e-mail to respond quickly to your needs.

• Our store is centrally located in Javea and it is in easy reach either from the outskirts and all in-city holiday urbanisations.

• Our equipment is some of the best and highest quality on the market, cleaned and maintained to the highest standards to ensure the most perfect and sophisticated experience for each customer.

• We have some of the highest customer reviews in the entirety of Spain for our industry, ranking Siesta Advisor at the very top. The customer feedback speaks for itself!

• We have countless awards and certificates relating to hospitality, quality assurance, safety and security - all of which have been acquired through extremely hard work, dedication to our services and a passion to grow and expand.

Q2: Do I need to book in advance?

A2: Yes, it is strongly recommended to book in advance, especially in the summer.

• You can book our services online directly on our website.

• Alternatively, you can call on +34 639 908 367 or email on to make a booking

• Or if you fancy to come and meet the team in person, please do not hesitate to come into our shop on Avendia de Paris 35, Jávea, and get all the responses to whatever questions you may have!

Q3: Can I cancel my booking?

A3: Yes, you can. We fully understand that you may need to change or cancel your rentals, possibly at short notice.

• For any cancelations, please send us an email to in order to give us a notice of the cause and purpose of your cancelation.

• However, if the cancelation is within 24 hours of the activity, we may not be in a position to give a full refund.

Q4: Do we offer special discounts?

A4: We offer special group discounts for group of six or more people!

• In order to be eligible for a special discount, please contact us directly.

• If you have a special discount card from us, notify us and we can apply the discount directly to your booking

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