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Summer Camp Javea

What is our philosophy running our summer camp in Javea? Well... Do you remember the nostalgic days when summer meant being outside all day long, exploring nature, searching for all things wild and wonderful? We do at Siesta Advisor! Nowadays, with children are obsessed with smartphones that is stealing them of their youth and childhood, our goal is to take them away from Wi-Fi hotspots and to make them completely forget that they even have a phone. Our summer camp in Javea has a passion for educating and promoting a profound love for the sea, nature and the environment as a whole. We also aim to open up your child’s eyes and show them the hidden treasures that lurk around every corner of Javea, from incredible cathedral-like sea caves to swimming with and feeding hundreds of fish!

What should I expect as a parent from this summer camp by Siesta Advisor?

Imagine a seriously active week that has been thoughtfully crafted to challenge the mind and the body of your child, where they learn to forget the necessity of giving likes and commenting on posts, and rather they learn to appreciate nature for what it is. Our professional team will keep the children engaged during the whole fun-filled and adventure packed summer camp. Each day will be spent enjoying different and exhilarating activities; some that they might have always wanted to try and some that they may not have even heard of. It may include some of the following:

  • Receiving professional stand-up paddle board (SUP) lessons from a world-class athlete
  • Coasteering around Javea's incredible coastline
  • Learning to surf
  • ... Or even some rock jumping!
  • (and much much more!)

Every single day is filled with a incredible and action-packed activity in the morning, followed by a smaller and more relaxing one in the afternoon! In other words, the entire day is filled with fun and adventure, leaving everyone eager to come back the following day!

Here you can find some more information about some of the locations which we visit throughout the week! - Cala Granadella - Cala Portixol - Cala Tango

Are my children in good hands at this summer camp?

Yes, of course, and 100%! Let's just say that apart from the occasional scratch or bruise (they are children after all!) we have never had any accidents, complaints or concerns! Siesta Advisor runs its summer camp in Javea with extremely competent instructors in each activity, assigning specialised team members to whichever activity is being carried out! On top of that, we work with fairly small groups in order to be able to put emphasis on making the experience intimate and familiar! We believe that this will give your child the best opportunity to discover new forms of socialising, new hobbies or even new passions. After all, our main objective is to create unforgettable memories, to foster lifelong friendships and to teach our groups to be more confident and capable young men and women.

So, is this summer camp for my children when I come to Javea?

Having worked with hundreds of children from countless schools, and the majority of them deciding to come back year after year to our summer camp in Javea, it must be a sign that we're doing something right! We have put a lot of emphasis to making this not only the best summer camp in Javea, but on the entire Costa Blanca, offering adventures and activities unlike anywhere else. With Siesta Advisor, let's just say that your children are bound to walk away with memories, experiences and friends unlike ever before. So in short, yes, this summer camp is the best possible option for you and your children!

Siesta Advisor's summer camp in Javea includes the following:

Siesta Advisor t-shirt (as well as the possibility to win more merchandise throughout the week)


• Drinks throughout the day

Pizza Fridays

• Professional photographs and videos to share with all the relatives

Insurance (public liability and accident)

• All the equipment required for the great variety of activities that we will be carrying out (kayaks, SUPs, surf boards, etc.)

Some of the following activities are included in the summer camp (subject to external conditions):

• Kayaking (Granadella, Portixol, San Antonio)

• SUP (Arenal, San Antonio)

• Surfing

• Hiking

• Cliff Jumping

• Underwater cave exploring

• Karata, yoga, personal training

• Slip & slide & water fight

The following education will also be included in this summer camp:

• Marine biology

• Eco-friendly living & safeguarding the environment

• The understanding of maritime conditions (wind, swells, currents, waves)

• Health & safety

• Lessons relating to each activity carried out (kayaking, SUPing, surfing, etc.)

At our summer camp in Javea we tend to be very flexible regarding eligibility. Nonetheless, it must be noted that this summer camp is subject to availability, and we limit the size of our summer camp, working on a first-come first-served basis.

Here are some additional pieces of information you may find useful:

• Average ages of our campers: 8-16 years old (we are flexible on ages)

• Number of people in our summer camp per week: +/- 20

• Operating weeks: Beginning of July - end of August

Operating days: Monday - Friday

Operating hours: 09:00h -14:00h

Meeting place for the summer camp: our shop on Avendia de Paris, 35, Jávea

What is the philosophy behind Siesta Advisor's summer camp in Javea?

Our philosophy revolves around recreating the nostalgic days of summer, where children can immerse themselves in nature, explore the wonders around them, and disconnect from the digital world. At Siesta Advisor, we strive to cultivate a deep appreciation for the sea, nature, and the environment. Through our summer camp, we aim to open your child's eyes to the hidden treasures of Javea, from breathtaking sea caves to swimming with and feeding a variety of marine life.

What can I expect as a parent from Siesta Advisor's summer camp?

As a parent, you can expect a week filled with exciting and engaging activities designed to challenge your child's mind and body. Our professional team will ensure that each day of the camp is packed with thrilling experiences. From receiving stand-up paddleboard lessons from world-class athletes to coasteering along Javea's stunning coastline, learning to surf, and even trying rock jumping, your child will have the opportunity to try new activities and appreciate the beauty of nature. Each day will be a combination of adventurous and relaxing activities, ensuring that your child is fully engaged and eager to return the following day.

Are my children in good hands at Siesta Advisor's summer camp?

Absolutely! We prioritize the safety and well-being of all children attending our summer camp. Our highly competent instructors and specialized team members are experienced in each activity offered. We maintain small group sizes to create an intimate and familiar environment, allowing your child to form new friendships and discover new interests. Our main objective is to create unforgettable memories, build confidence, and nurture capable young individuals. While the occasional scratch or bruise may occur (as children do), we have a proven track record of safety, with no major accidents or concerns reported.

Is Siesta Advisor's summer camp suitable for my children in Javea?

Our summer camp has catered to hundreds of children from various schools, many of whom return year after year. This demonstrates that we provide a unique and exceptional experience. We have invested considerable effort into making our summer camp the best in Javea and the entire Costa Blanca, offering adventures and activities that cannot be found elsewhere. With Siesta Advisor, your children are guaranteed to create lasting memories, gain valuable experiences, and form lifelong friendships. In summary, our summer camp is an excellent choice for you and your children. However, please note that availability is limited, and we operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

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