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Kayak Granadella

So, you’re interested in kayaking in Javea, and more specifically Granadella beach, Javea? Well, you’re come to the right place! The coast around Granadella beach hosts many secret bays, coves, and caves, but finding these alone can be a challenge. Discover completely isolated and hidden spots on a kayak tour in Javea and get a more intimate experience than from ship or shore! Kayaking in Granadella allows you to fully immerse yourself with nature, kayaking besides an ancient and Jurassic-like coastline, snorkelling in transparent and crystalline waters filled with life, or exploring breath-taking caves of unimaginable beauty! And we sure will take you to one of the most magnificent caves you'll ever witness not only in Javea, but anywhere else!

A brief introduction to Siesta Advisor and Kayaking in Granadella

Siesta Advisor has extensive history operating and offering their services in Granadella, Javea. Having started kayaking from Granadella over a decade ago, Siesta Advisor is by far the most experienced and professional company to be offering kayaking excursions and rentals from there. This also means that we know about all the little secrets and hidden treasures that kayaking in Granadella offers, something we are incredibly eager to share with fellow adventurers like yourself!

Kayaking in Granadella, what should I expect to see?

Our highly experienced kayak monitors will reveal all the little secrets that this beautiful coastline has to offer! First, we will visit a completely isolated bay, called Cala en Caló (FULL GUIDE HERE), where you can enjoy snorkelling with hundreds of fish, all whilst swimming through an indescribable and pristine underwater sea cave. This little beach is only accessible by sea (making this kayak excursion from Granadella even more special); therefore it is very protected from human deterioration. The fact that it is not crowded is because it is hidden behind a large rock, making this beach almost invisible. In fact, until not so long ago it was not even marked on Google Maps. This beach has all the characteristics of a beach in exotic countries such as Thailand or Vietnam!

On this kayaking excursion from Granadella you will also visit the amazing Cova del Llop Marí, a spectacular sea cave in which we can find a great variety of wildlife: starfish, octopuses, sea urchins. Additionally, the different coloured rocks which shape the cave depict all the natural geological processes occurring inside of it, being a great educational tool for those interested in rock formation geology! And finally, legend has it that this cave’s name comes from the fact that long ago sea lions used to visit this cave while they were migrating, and local fishermen named it on behalf of these animals!

And finally, we will take you to Cala Ambolo, a peaceful and beautiful beach with a nudist tradition where you can sunbathe and take amazing pictures (of the beach, not the nudists 😉!) It is the only nudist beach on the coast of Javea, so if you see any sea snakes around, be careful not to grab them, as you might find an angry man attached to the other end of it! Cala Ambolo owes its name to the watchtower built in the 16th century, whose function was to watch over and defend the sea from pirate attacks. As Cala Ambolo is currently closed to the public, this kayaking excursion from Granadella gives you the unique opportunity to access this beach and enjoy a peaceful and yet another isolated bay!

I have never done kayaking before, is this kayak excursion from Granadella for me?

Of course! Almost every single person trying out our kayaking excursions from Granadella are first timers! Within the span of just a few minutes, our highly competent kayaking monitors will teach you the basics of how to enter and sit on, as well as exit a kayak, and once in the water, show you how to propel or paddle forwards and backwards and how to turn. You’ll be able to master it in no time! Let’s not forget, Siesta Advisor only provides the best and highest quality equipment for their kayaking excursions in Granadella, making this process even more exciting. So what are you waiting for, get in touch and let’s go for an adventure of a lifetime!

How to Access Granadella, Javea? (FULL GUIDE)

To be able to access the Granadella beach, you will have to take the Granadella road, which is perfectly indicated all the way from the heart of Javea, and it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to reach the beach from Javea city centre. However, it is very advisable to use a GPS to avoid getting lost, as after all, it is a remote location and for those who do not know the area, the roads might be a little bit confusing and disorientating. For those coming with GPS, simply write in “Carretera Tio Catala, Jávea” and it should take you directly to Granadella beach, Javea.

What is included in our kayak excursions from Javea?:

Helly Hansen high quality red life jackets

Carbon fibre paddles

High performance and streamline kayak imported from the UK

Additional Equipment for your kayak tour with Siesta Advisor:

Cressi water shoes (limited to availability)

Snorkel masks

Waterproof bags for personal belongings

Additional services:

• Personal dry storage for all your belongings that you do not want to take with you on this kayaking excursion

• Local, multi-lingual and professional monitor who will accompany you throughout your tour

• A professional introduction and lesson teaching you basic manoeuvring tips, general kayaking information and health and safety instructions

• Completely free professionally taken photographs taken by our monitors and sent over after the tour

• Future contact with your monitor who will be able to help you with all your future inquiries during your stay in Javea

• Insurance

Length of the kayak tour in Granadella

Each tour is between 2h30-3h00! This amount of time is perfect for us to be able to explore and kayak down the coastline as well as be able to snorkel and explore the underwater secrets offered by the Cala en Caló, Cova de Llop Marí and Playa Ambolo!

How long are you on the water

You are on the water approximately half of the excursion coasting down along with the waves, and the other half you visit the beautiful and hidden locations offered by the tour as well as snorkel and have snacks!

Is there an age requirement for this excursion?

We do not have an age requirement for this tour, meaning that even children are able to do it! We would however recommend them to have some basic knowledge of swimming!

Types of water conditions

The Mediterranean is blessed with very calm water conditions due to its enclosed nature. Additionally, Cala Granadella is in a bay itself, meaning that even when the open sea is rough, we are protected and sheltered! We are fortunate enough to have some of the best conditions on the Costa Blanca, with crystal-flat waters almost every single day!

Best time of day to kayak

Be it in the morning when it’s less busy, or later in the afternoon to experience beautiful sunsets, kayaking with Siesta Advisor is exceptional all-day. In the morning people can enjoy the privacy and the tranquillity of the sea, at midday those who tend to get cold in the sea can enjoy the refreshing sunlight warming your body whilst you float around, and in the afternoon you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and prepare yourself for a calm and refreshing night with the family or friends! Additionally, kayaking in Javea can be done all-year! Javea boasts with having around 330 sunny days a year, meaning that even winter temperatures can reach 25oc! Let’s not forget, out of season there is significantly reduced tourism, meaning that you will be able to enjoy more private and intimate tours with your friends and family, often having a guide just to yourself!

How to access Granadella, Javea (FULL GUIDE HERE)

To be able to access the Granadella beach, you will have to take the Granadella road, which is perfectly indicated all the way from the heart of Javea, and it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to reach the beach from Javea city centre. However, it is very advisable to use a GPS to avoid getting lost, as after all, it is a remote location and for those who do not know the area, the roads might be a little bit confusing and disorientating. For those coming with GPS, simply write in “Carretera Tio Catala, Jávea” and it should take you directly to Granadella beach, Javea.

Granadella beach itself has a big car park with capacity for a dozen cars. However, this space fills up super quickly during the summer months, therefore, to find a parking space it is necessary to arrive very early to the beach. As well, you can find some parking on the road going up from Granadella. Normally both car parks are already full by 10:00 am in the months of July and August. If you arrive and do not find any parking, we advise you not to leave the car on areas where it is not allowed to park such as on the sides of the narrow road (as you will see that many people do this). This is because the police goes down to Granadella very frequently and fines all of those who do now respect the parking areas, and even toes away cars in high summer season. Thus, if there is no parking, do not risk it, even if you see other people are doing it!

It should also be noted that in the summer months the beach is subject to a control limiting the number of visitors, so if the beach is full when you arrive, you will not be allowed to enter. Thus, it is best to get up early if you want to visit Granadella. Currently, no reservation system has been established to enter Granadella as in other nearby areas.

Recommended clothing for kayaking in Granadella

We highly recommend doing the excursion in swimwear and/or clothes that you don’t mind getting wet as kayaking is a water-based activity. Appropriate footwear (not flip-flop, not slippers, closed beach shoes) is also important, not only for your safety, but also for your personal comfort when disembarking on small, beautiful pebbly beaches. One or two towels are also advisable.

Additional things recommended for your kayaking excursion

Drinking water is essential as to avoid dehydration throughout the tour, and a few snacks (sandwiches, fruits, chocolate bars, nuts, sweets) to help with energy.

Kayaking in Javea, Granadella Beach

Where can I go kayaking in Javea, specifically at Granadella Beach?

You're in the right place! Explore the hidden gems of Granadella Beach and its stunning coastline on a kayak tour. Discover secluded bays, coves, and caves that are difficult to find on your own. Immerse yourself in nature, paddle alongside the ancient and picturesque Jurassic-like coastline, snorkel in crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life, and explore breathtakingly beautiful caves. We guarantee an unforgettable experience, including a visit to one of the most magnificent caves in Javea and beyond!

Tell me about Siesta Advisor and their kayaking services in Granadella.

Siesta Advisor has a long-standing history of operating in Granadella, Javea. As pioneers of kayaking in the area, we are the most experienced and professional company offering kayaking excursions and rentals. Our expertise allows us to share the hidden treasures and secrets of kayaking in Granadella with fellow adventurers like you.

What can I expect to see while kayaking in Granadella?

Our highly experienced kayak monitors will guide you to the wonders of this beautiful coastline. You'll visit Cala en Caló, an isolated bay accessible only by sea. Enjoy snorkeling with hundreds of fish and swimming through an indescribable underwater sea cave. This beach, hidden behind a large rock and previously unmarked on Google Maps, resembles exotic beaches found in Thailand or Vietnam. You'll also explore the stunning Cova del Llop Marí, a sea cave teeming with wildlife such as starfish, octopuses, and sea urchins. The cave's unique rock formations offer insights into geological processes. Legend has it that it was named after sea lions that once visited during their migrations. Lastly, we'll take you to Cala Ambolo, a peaceful and beautiful beach with a nudist tradition, where you can relax and capture breathtaking views. Access to Cala Ambolo is usually restricted, but our kayak excursion offers a unique opportunity to visit this isolated bay.

I'm a beginner and have never tried kayaking before. Can I join the kayak excursion in Granadella?

Absolutely! The majority of our participants are first-timers. Our highly competent kayak monitors will provide a brief lesson on the basics of kayaking, including entering, sitting in, and exiting the kayak, as well as paddling techniques for propulsion, turning, and maneuvering. We use top-quality equipment to ensure your comfort and safety. You'll quickly master the skills and embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

How do I access Granadella Beach in Javea?

To reach Granadella Beach, take the Granadella road, which is well-indicated from the heart of Javea. It typically takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach the beach from Javea city center. We recommend using GPS to avoid getting lost, as the remote location and unfamiliar roads can be confusing. If using GPS, simply enter "Carretera Tio Catala, Jávea" as the destination, and it will lead you directly to Granadella Beach in Javea.

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