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Surf Javea

Surfing in Javea is extremely unique and exquisite, with the Arenal (the main sandy beach of Javea), being perfect for when the waves start rolling in. It's pearl shape perfectly pushes up the water and forms smooth and steady waves. On top of that, surfing in Javea is a bit of a spectacle, where you can expect hundreds of people to be watching you whilst you catch some waves, so be prepared to put on a performance

Why I personally love surfing

I love surfing because I find in it a great metaphor for life. People, opportunities, experiences and days are like waves... some are worth riding, some are worth chasing, and some are worth simply ignoring and passing. Some waves will bring you incredible joy, whilst others will hit you hard and leave you speechless. And some days waves may not come at all, but its the acceptance of this fact that's important. Nonetheless, just when you least expect it, the most divine and special wave creeps upon you, offering you indescribable feelings of freedom, making you feel alive and connected to yourself and everything around you. And waves are just like moments, not to be taken for granted, but rather accepted and made the most of.

Why should I go surfing in Javea?

First of all, it is great exercise! When you're surfing, you're using every part of your body, gaining both muscle tone and strength. On top of that, surfing is an aerobic activity, significantly improving your cardiovascular system! But what's best is that you won't even realise that you're exercising because you'll be having too good of a time! The incomparable atmosphere of splashing sea water, the contrast of fresh water and warm sun, the beautiful beach and all those surrounding you makes this one of the most unique activities to do whilst in Javea.

What can I expect to learn from surfing?

Not only will you be able to practice a form of exercise that works your entire body, but you'll learn far more than just how to catch a waves and how to paddle. Surfing in Javea will teach you additional things about the ocean you might not have known before, like currents, swells, types of surf breaks, and an overall better understanding of the sea. As you learn how to surf, you'll also feel extreme amounts of self-satisfaction as you persevere through challenging surf sessions, all whilst you feel a part of a community of surfers and make friendships that'll last for a lifetime!

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Some of the following are included in your surf rental in Javea:

• High quality foam surfboard (7, 8, 8.6, or 9 feet)

• A leash

• Brief introduction into surfing

• Access to changing rooms and a warm shower

• A cup of coffee!

Best time to surf?

We are able to professionally tell you when it will be ideal to surf. We stay up to date with the latest meteorological data and are able to accurately predict when we will have waves, where they will be the best, their hight, the type of wave, etc. Additionally, we will be able to best advise you regarding the best moments to surf! And if you're lucky, we might even join you and teach you a trick or two!

Surfing in Javea

1. What makes surfing in Javea unique?

Surfing in Javea is a truly special experience. The Arenal, the main sandy beach of Javea, offers perfect conditions when the waves start rolling in. Its unique shape creates smooth and consistent waves, providing an exquisite surfing experience. Moreover, surfing in Javea is quite a spectacle, with hundreds of people watching as you catch some waves. Get ready to showcase your skills and put on a performance!

2. Why do people love surfing?

Surfing is often cherished for its metaphorical connection to life. Just like waves, people, opportunities, experiences, and days come and go. Some waves are worth riding, others are worth chasing, and some are better left untouched. Surfing teaches us to embrace the unpredictability and appreciate the moments that come our way. It brings indescribable feelings of freedom, making us feel alive and connected to ourselves and the world around us.

3. Why should I go surfing in Javea?

Surfing in Javea offers numerous benefits beyond the enjoyment of riding waves. It provides a fantastic workout for your entire body, enhancing muscle tone, strength, and cardiovascular health. Plus, the unparalleled atmosphere of the sea, the warmth of the sun, and the beauty of the beach make it a truly unique and fulfilling experience. You won't even realize you're exercising because you'll be having such a great time!

4. What can I expect to learn from surfing?

Surfing in Javea offers more than just the ability to catch waves and paddle. It provides a deeper understanding of the ocean, including knowledge about currents, swells, types of surf breaks, and overall sea conditions. Beyond the technical aspects, surfing offers a sense of accomplishment and personal growth as you persevere through challenging surf sessions. You'll also become part of a supportive surfing community and make lifelong friendships.

5. When is the best time to surf?

We have professional expertise in determining the ideal surfing conditions. We stay up-to-date with meteorological data and can accurately predict wave conditions, including height, type, and location. We will provide you with the best advice on when to surf, ensuring you make the most of your experience. And if you're lucky, our instructors might even join you in the water and share a few tricks!

Surfing in Javea offers an incredible opportunity to connect with nature, challenge yourself, and experience the thrill of riding waves. Don't miss out on this unforgettable adventure!

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