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Cala Portixol Javea - Location, Services & Photos 2024

March 23, 2022
Cala Portitxol
Cala Portitxol

Cala Portitxol

Transparent turquoise-blue waters reflecting delicate and shimmering rays of sunlight, encompassed by magnificent mountains, local Mediterranean houses and embraced by a stunning island just a glimpse away... it’s no wonder why locals and visitors alike have fallen in love with the beach we nowadays call Cala Portitxol!

Countless beautiful bays and exquisite beaches scatter Javea’s incredible coastline, and each of them come with their own unique trait and speciality... nonetheless, you’ll struggle to find a beach as exotic and unique as Cala Portitxol.

Being one of the most spectacular beaches in Javea, it is only logical that we share everything there is to know about Cala Portitxol with adventurers like you... so, we designed this comprehensive guide teaching you everything you need to know and consider before you enjoy your unforgettable day out!

Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide of everything that we will cover today! Feel free to click on any of the sections that is of most interest to you! Take a look below;

1. Cala Portitxol, a Beach Filled with History & Mystery?

2. Best beach in Javea for families

3. Where is Cala Portitxol

4. Top things to do

5. When is it the best time to visit Cala Portitxol

6. Things to take with you

7. Other beaches nearby to Cala Portitxol

8. Cruz Roja (Lifeguard Service) at Cala Portitxol

9. Sustainability & Recycling at Cala Portitxol

10. Cala Portitxol & Healthy Traditions

11. Additional Questions?

Cala Portitxol

1. Cala Portitxol, a beach full of history & mystery?

Cala Portitxol, Cala Portixol, or Cala de la Barraca? You may have heard all three of these names before but let us explain! Cala Portitxol and Cala Portixol are synonymous and are used interchanged between Spanish people of Valenciano & Castellano dialects.

However, Cala (de la) Barraca does have a little bit more sense to it, but why exactly? Well, it’s simple if you know the history! Cala Portitxol is famously known for its unique fishermen houses with white facades and bright vibrant blue doors, something you must have seen on photos of this spectacular bay!

In other words, these little Greek-looking houses that scatter Cala Portitxol can be found everywhere on social media, something truly iconic in Javea that nowadays symbolize the Mediterranean lifestyle that this little town is renowned for.

Why is all this important? Well, the name of the little fishermen houses is “barracas” in Spanish. And that is where the secondary name comes from, “Cala (de la) Barraca”, roughly translating to Fishermen’s Bay in English! For now, however, we will stick to Cala Portitxol!

Cala Portitxol

...and full of history?

Cala Portitxol also holds tremendous amounts of history & mystery in its divine waters and secret surrounding bays! For example, just a few hundred meters away, you can find the infamous “Cueva del Tabaco”, a cave where tabaco and other contraband goods such as oil were hidden during the 19th century!

There is also another cave called “Cueva del Oro”, roughly translating to The Cave of Gold... and what a befitting name once you learn about Cala Portitxol’s true history! This unique bay is bombarded with ancient Roman artifacts underwater, countless treasures founds over the past few years.

Cala Portitxol

Don’t believe me? In September 2021, 53 pure golden Roman coins were found by some locals diving around Portitxol island! It was such a huge discovery that it reignited the local’s passion for treasure hunting and being the next Dr. E. Lee Spence! So who knows, you could be the next treasure hunter of Javea, walking away with your golden fortunes!

Cala Portitxol

2. Best beach in Javea for families

Cala Portitxol is potentially the best beach in Javea for families! There are three main reasons for this: location, shallow waters, and lifeguard services!


Cala Portitxol is very protected from external maritime conditions such as waves, swells and currents! The main reason behind this, something similar to Cala Ambolo, is due to something that is extremely rare on the Mediterranean coastline: an island! In other words, this magical bay receives protection from an enormous island called “Isla de Portitxol” that acts as a huge shield.

This island aligns perfectly so that it protects the bay from almost any adverse maritime conditions (usually coming from the east), and it means that Cala Portitxol is always very protected and sheltered! Oftentimes there is a storm out at sea all whilst this beach enjoys calm waters and beautiful weather!

Cala Portitxol

Cala Portitxol’s fortunate positioning behind an island means that it is the perfect beach for families with smaller children, where you’ll never have to worry about adverse weather, strong currents or waves putting your little ones in danger. So, you’ll be able to relax on the shoreline enjoying, your well-deserved rest and sunshine, all whilst your little ones swim and explore away in the water just a couple of meters from your feet!

Cala Portitxol

Shallow Waters

Another important factor to consider is Cala Portitxol’s shallow waters that border this beautiful little bay! With enormous rock structures underwater, and reefs only a meter or two from the turquoise-blue surface, children have the privilege of enjoying some safe waters to swim in!

On top of that, these structures and reefs provide vast amounts of shelter for wildlife, meaning that snorkelling and swimming in these waters will also be one of the most exotic experiences in Javea’s coastline! Shallow & life-abundant waters, what a perfect combination!

Cala Portitxol

Lifeguard Services (Cruz Roja)

The presence of the Cruz Roja makes Portitxol a very safe beach, specialised lifeguards always closely monitoring everything that’s going on in the water! This means that you have an extra pair of eyes always keeping an eye out for your little ones!

On top of that, this beach has maritime emergency services in case anything happens, as well as a hut where you can be treated for possible injuries, anywhere from a little cut to some more serious wounds!

Cala Portitxol

3. Where is Cala Portitxol?

Cala Portitxol is located in Javea, the spectacular little town in the Alicante province of Eastern Spain. More specifically, Cala Portitxol can be found on the eastern part of Javea’s coastline, tucked away between Cap Prim and Cabo de la Nao. It is also right next to Cala Blanca & Cala Ambolo, two beaches we’ll briefly mention later on!

Here’s a step-by-step guide getting to Cala Portitxol, accessing it in the summer and parking:

Step 1. How to get to Cala Portixol

To be able to access Cala Granadella, you must follow the Carretera del Portixol road until you find the intersection signposted with a sign “Cala Portitxol” turning to the left down Carrer de la Barraca. From there, follow the road straight without taking any turns and it will take you directly to Cala Portitxol. You can equally write in your GPS “Carrer de la Barraca 78, Javea” to get direct directions to the bay!

Cala Portitxol

Important Information – The road down to Cala Portitxol has a lot of potholes and uneven road surface. It is also on a big incline, so please make sure to drive safe and slowly to avoid any damage to yourself, your car or others!

It takes around 15 minutes to reach Cala Portitxol from Javea city centre, however we would advice you to take some form of navigation system with you and simply type in “Carrer de la Barraca 78”, that way you’ll arrive directly to your perfect little Mediterranean beach!

Step 2. Accessing Cala Portitxol during Summer

Accessing Cala Portitxol during the summer can be difficult, here’s a few tips you can follow to help you access it!

This is because during the summer months, predominantly July and August, the local townhall of Javea puts in restrictions that limit how many people can enter the beach to combat massification, unsustainable tourism, and because Cala Portitxol isn’t that big!

Cala Portitxol

There are seven main ways to access this beach:

  • With a service
  • Going by car (early in the morning)
  • A short hike
  • Cycling
  • Motorbike
  • Taxi
  • Out of season

Here is a breakdown of each of these possibilities and our recommendations!

Going with a service

If you book a service with a company, and show them your reservation confirmation email, you will be allowed to enter no matter the time of the day! And what better service to book than one of Siesta Advisor’s famous kayaking tours (yep, aaaand yet again another shameless plug!).

In other words, you get the best of both worlds: on the one hand, you won’t have to worry about limited access, and on the other hand, you’ll also be greeted by an incredible adventure when you arrive to Cala Portitxol! We will talk more about our kayaking adventures here.

Cala Portitxol

Going by car (early in the morning)

If you go early in the morning, ideally before 09:00 as by then Cala Portitxol starts to get busy, you will be able to bypass the control limiting access to the beach. I promise you, this is worth it as you will be able to enjoy the entire day on a spectacular little bay!

Cala Portitxol

A short hike

Just a few hundred metres away from Cala Portitxol, you can come across the Creu de Portixol which leads you down a beautiful forestall path all the way to Portitxol bay! It is a pleasant hike and is very simple, suitable for even families with smaller children! Equally, there is quite a lot of additional space there for parking your car, meaning that you avoid that trouble completely by choosing this path!

Cala Portitxol


Another healthy alternative for those seeking a little bit more exercise and adventure. With bikes you’ll never have to worry about not being able to access Cala Portitxol as there are no restrictions that apply to bicycles. So, if cycling is your thing, get yourself a bike from here and get ready for an adventure!

Cala Portitxol


Control guards tend to be a lot more flexible regarding motorbikes than cars as they take smaller amounts of space to park and transport less people! Access is not always guaranteed, but it sure is more likely that you’ll be able to access. You can find more information about motorbike services here.

Cala Portitxol


Taxis have the privilege of always being able to access Cala Portitxol, so if you want to ensure that you can get there in the comfort of a car, a taxi is an option for you! However, don’t forget, you’ll also need a ride back after your sunny day at the beach.

Cala Portitxol

Going out of season

Another option would be to go outside of the summer season, so anytime outside of June, July & August! What this would mean is that you wouldn’t have to worry about the control, and you’d still be able to enjoy some incredible weather! My personal favourite time of the year to go is mid-September until mid-October, as that is when the water is still super warm, the weather spectacular, and not busy at all!

Cala Portitxol

Step 3. Parking at Cala Portitxol

Parking at Cala Portitxol can be difficult, here’s our recommendations for finding parking there and things to consider when going there by car! So where can you park in Cala Portitxol? Well, in total there are 5 main parking locations, they are the following:

  • Carrer de la Barraca Lower
  • Carrer de la Barraca Upper
  • Private parking
  • Roadside parking
  • Creu de Portitxol

Here is a breakdown of each of these possibilities and our recommendations!

Cala Portitxol

Carrer de la Barraca Lower

This is the most ideal parking location, with enough space for around 75 cars! It is the area closest to the beach, and the majority of it is in the shadow. Nonetheless, because it is the closest parking area to the beach, it is also the most popular, and you will only be able to find a spot here if you come early in the morning!

Cala Portitxol

Carrer de la Barraca Upper

If the lower parking section is already full, there is a possibility to go to the upper parking zone, with enough space for an additional 15-20 cars! You will have to walk around 5 minutes to reach the beach from this parking area, however it will be worth it once you get there!

Cala Portitxol

Private parking

On the Carrer de la Barraca Lower section, there is a little closed off parking area operated by the local community. This parking is also very close to Cala Portitxol, only a minute walk, however you will have to pay to be able to access this area. They charge around €10, but you will be able to park there all day, and you will equally have the protection of trees and shade! It is very convenient but does come with a little price!

Cala Portitxol

Roadside parking

You’ll also see that closer to the bay there are some little spaces to park your car on the roadside, areas where you may be able to squeeze into! This is perfectly fine as long as you’re very careful!

First, you must ensure that you are not blocking any local properties as they will have the right to call the police to tow your car away.

Second, you must make sure that your car is completely off the road and not invading it! The road there is very narrow, and to ensure a flow of traffic, it is important to leave the road clear. If you happen to invade the road even just a few centimetres, your car could once again be towed away! Please be careful!

Creu de Portitxol

We previously mentioned that one additional way to access Cala Portitxol is via the Creu de Portitxol hike!

What makes this hike very convienient is the fact that there is plenty of parking in the area, and not many people are aware of this way to access the beach!

Thus, if you are looking for an almost guaranteed parking spot, the Creu de Portitxol parking is the place for you!

Cala Portitxol

4. Things to do at Cala Portitxol

Cala Portitxol wouldn’t be considered the best beach in Javea unless it had a HUGE variety of things to do and enjoy. Having been operating from this beautiful little beach for over ten years, let me share a few tips and secrets with you that I would personally recommend for you to try out whilst at Cala Portitxol!

Kayaking at Cala Portitxol

If you think Cala Portitxol Bay itself is beautiful, just wait until you hear about all the other incredible things that surround it! Too far to reach by swimming or snorkelling, the most convenient and adventurous way to get there is with a kayak... and what better company to use than Siesta Advisor! (More information here!)

Having been operating kayak tours from Cala Portitxol for over a decade now, we really do know what we’re doing and all the treasures that this spectacular part of Javea has to offer!

Cala Portitxol

Cala el Pom

Cala el Pom is an extremely hidden and secretive little bay just a few hundred metres paddling from Cala Portitxol. It has very similar characteristics to Cala en Caló, as it is equally hidden in the corner of the Portitxol bay, and is often completely overlooked and dismissed by tourists coming to Javea!

Cala Portitxol

Why is this beautiful bay so special? Well, Cala el Pom is only accessible by sea, meaning that it is a beach that remains peaceful and calm, away from the tourist hotspots, and preserved from the detrimental effects of unsustainable tourism! It is also home to tremendous underwater structures and some of the most life-abundant waters imaginable, where you can expect to find starfish, octopus and even stingrays!

Cala Portitxol

What makes Cala el Pom even more amazing is a little secret that almost no one knows about! There is an underground waterfall there! I won’t spoint too much of that, you’ll have to come and see it for yourself!

Cala Portitxol

Cap Negre

On this kayaking excursion from Portitxol you will also visit the amazing Cap Negre cape, a spectacular and overwhelming rock formation that stands directly vertical above you, featuring some amazing colours that depict the natural geological processes occurring around Javea's coastline.

It is a breath-taking sight to be directly below a natural rock formation that towers over 100 meters above you, putting into perspective just how small we truly are! It is hard to put into words just how overwhelming of a sensation you feel when you float below this colossal piece of nature!

Cala Portitxol

Portitxol Island

One of the main reasons why kayaking in Portitxol is so special is because of Portitxol island, the true highlight of your kayak trip. It is an incredible place that is filled with natural wildlife and vegetation, both on land and underwater, making it perfect for exploring! However, that’s just the beginning!

As you may remember me mentioning, this area is plagued with ancient Roman artifacts, and the 53 golden Roman coins that were found were just behind the island! So perhaps your kayak adventure from Portitxol could make you the next treasure hunter of Javea, allowing you to walk away with your ancient fortune!

Cala Portitxol

Equally, on Portixol island, we visit a completely hidden and naturally formed cave where you can take some breath-taking photos a place where we'll take a chance to relax and reconnect with nature! We call this cave the eye of Portitxol Island, as it overlooks the entire bay area.

Cala Portitxol

And finally, after having enjoyed the tranquillity of the cave, your kayak excursion from Portitxol will take you to our famous "blue lagoon", a little water pool separated from the sea by land, measuring ten meters in depth, and portraying some of the most pristine water conditions you could ever imagine.

Cala Portitxol

It is also perfect for those who enjoy a bit of adrenaline and adventure, being able to do some cliff jumping! In short, our adventures and kayak excursions from Portitxol are an absolute must for those craving an unforgettable experience!

Cala Portitxol

Cala Portitxol, a snorkelling paradise

If you don’t fancy kayaking, don’t worry, Cala Portitxol has plenty more to offer! For example... snorkelling! The warm, clear, and brilliantly turquoise-blue waters of the Mediterranean Ocean have long been regarded as a fantastic place to enjoy snorkelling and underwater life, and this couldn’t be truer than with Cala Portitxol.

With some magnificent reefs and underwater structures scattering the seabed, you can expect to find some of the most life-abundant waters you’ve ever gazed upon! In fact, Cala Portitxol is one of the most popular places in Javea for scuba diving, and we understand why!  So, if you happen to be a water fanatic and enjoy the underwater world as much as we do, throw on your snorkelling mask because this beach is for you.

Cala Portitxol


There are two restaurants in Cala Portitxol: Cala Clémence & Bar La Barraca.

Cala Clémence is a beautiful little bar / restaurant that has a true Mediterranean vibe, with delicate fairy lights and palm trees scattered around the seating area. It has a beautiful seaside view that overlooks the entire Portitxol bay area and is fortunate to witness some of the most beautiful sunrises in Javea! If you’re looking for a cool Mediterranean experience, this is the bar for you!

You can also find Bar La Barraca, a more traditional Spanish restaurant that focuses on local Mediterranean cuisine, serving some magnificent paellas and wines! If you are the type that wants to experience the local lifestyle, Bar La Barraca is the ideal place for you!

Cala Portitxol

5. When is it the best time of year to visit Cala Portitxol?

Cala Portitxol is beautiful all year round, so no matter when you come to Javea, you should take some time out of your day to visit! Each part of the year has its own benefits, but the main message is that you should come and visit Cala Portitxol no matter when you happen to be in Javea!


Obviously, this is when Cala Portitxol is at its busiest, and when you can expect to be able to enjoy the delightful sun, the warm water, and the true Mediterranean summer to its fullest! It is the best time of year to go for those who want to ensure that they have a very pleasant and warm day at the beach, not having to worry about getting too chilly swimming in the water or after coming out!

Cala Portitxol

Autumn & Spring

This is arguably the best time of the year to visit Cala Portitxol as you get to experience the best of both worlds! You can still enjoy and bathe under the warm Mediterranean sun and still be able to go for a refreshing swim.

At the same time, you are privileged with a lot more space and freedom, avoiding the busy tourist season of the summer. You won’t have to worry about parking, or restricted access, giving you a lot of flexibility.

In my personal opinion, I would recommend September and October as that is when Cala Portitxol has lost its touristic influx, and when the sea water is at its absolute warmest!

Cala Portitxol


You may be wondering... should I still visit Cala Portitxol during the winter period? And the answer might shock you. ABSOLUTELY YES! Javea is incredibly lucky to have some splendid weather in winter.

And that’s expected in a town with over 330 sunny days a year, and with winter temperatures often reaching 25oC! Obviously you may not be able to go for a swim in your swimming trunks or bikini, but you’ll still often be able to sunbathe under the delicate winter sun and still carry out kayaking adventures!

Cala Portitxol

6. Things to take with you to Cala Portitxol

You certainly know everything that you should take with you to your perfect beach day, but here’s a little reminder of our top recommendations to take with you to Cala Portitxol!

Cala Portitxol

7. Other beaches nearby

Perhaps you’ve already visited to Cala Portitxol and crave something new and different, so here’s a list of some nearby beaches that you may be interested in! You can find more information on each of these locations via the hyperlinks!

Cala Ambolo

A peaceful and beautiful beach with a nudist tradition where you can sunbathe and take amazing pictures all whilst enjoying the vibrant turquoise-blue waters by your feet. Having very limited access, it is one of the most exclusive beaches in Javea and it can only be accessed with the right knowledge!

Cala Portitxol

Cala Granadella

Shimmering turquoise-blue waters, encompassed by magnificent mountains and steep hills filled with local wildlife, and adored by locals and visitors alike... Welcome to Cala Granadella!

Javea hosts many gems, but nothing quite so spectacular as Cala Granadella, the most exclusive, beautiful, and exotic beach in Javea, if not the entirety of Spain. In fact, according to multiple national surveys, Cala Granadella has been voted the BEST BEACH IN SPAIN multiple times.

Cala Portitxol

Cala en Caló

Cala en Caló is a beach in Javea that resembles the exotic beaches of Thailand, Indonesia, or the Philippines... nonetheless, without the necessity of flying halfway around the world to experience something so beautiful.

It is one of the most secretive and exclusive bays in Javea, barely known by the everyday tourist that comes to this part of Spain.

Cala Portitxol

8. Lifeguard Services (Cruz Roja)

Cala Portitxol has an incredibly sophisticated lifeguard service called “Cruz Roja” covering the entire beach! This makes Cala Portitxol a super safe beach, and perfect for families with smaller children, as you can always have the assurance of dozens of lifeguards always keeping an eye out and monitoring every part of the beach for most of the day!

Usually operating from 09:00 until 17:00, if you happen to have any injuries, or cut yourself, or simply need some medical assistance, there is a dedicated red and white hut in the centre of the bay. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the Cruz Roja’s flag system, here’s a little breakdown:

  • Red flag: you will find this kind of flag on situations where it is forbidden to swim due to dangerous sea conditions.
  • Yellow flag: indicates the need to be careful when swimming as the sea conditions are not the best.
  • Green flag: shows that it is safe to swim on the beach.
  • Jellyfish flag: a white flag with two jellyfish that serves to warn of the high presence of these animals in the water.

Cala Portitxol

9. Sustainability & Recycling at Cala Portitxol

At Siesta Advisor we take pride in how much attention and care we give the environment, a passion we enjoy sharing with adventurers like you! Cala Portitxol has a sophisticated system of recycling bins, color-coded, and labelled accordingly to which form of waste you should put in there!

You should expect to find some bins for hard plastics, others for papers, and some for general waste. Please use these bins appropriately, as waste and litter that doesn’t get put in the bin will almost certainly end up in the ocean, something that will continue affecting the ecosystem for centuries to come!

Cala Portitxol

10. Cala Portitxol & Healthy Traditions

We have all heard about the tremendous amounts of benefits from the sun and sunbathing, but what are they?

Well, according to scientific research, natural sunlight provokes the chemical production of melatonin, a hormone that is associated with improving sleep quality, fighting stress, and significantly reducing the effects of depression! Equally, we receive a heap-load of vitamin D from the sun, a mineral that we often lack in our everyday diets... and this valuable mineral significantly boosts the immune system and strengthens your bones!

Cala Portitxol

On the note of strengthening bones, Cala Portitxol is beach made up almost entirely of pebbles, and when you walk on pebbles it helps strengthen your muscles and joints! In fact, ancient populations used to periodically walk on stones to help them become stronger and sturdier!

Medical studies show that it also improves your circulation, and children are less likely to develop flat feet when walking on pebbles! So Cala Portitxol is not only perfect for your Mediterranean beach day out, but also for your health and general well-being! Don’t hesitate, come quickly!

Cala Portitxol

11. Additional Questions?

Do you have any additional questions about Cala Portitxol? Well, don’t hesitate and ask away! We are more than happy to answer all your questions and queries without issue! So... if you are unsure or uncertain about something, ask away and we’ll always be there to answer your questions! You can contact us via email on, or equally on phone & Whatsapp on +34 639 908 367

Cala Portitxol

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