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Road bike rental in Javea

For those experts looking to pound the tarmac and the Spanish roads and test their abilities in the Mediterranean climate, then a road bike rental in Javea is exactly what you need.  The Spanish are crazy about road biking and the residents of Javea are no exception. It’s not surprising when we’ve got some of the most famous La Vuelta Cols on our doorstep! Enjoying a unique micro-climate with mild temperatures and 328 days of sunshine per year, as well as being situated in one of the most mountainous provinces in the country, Javea is the perfect location for those with experience who desire to enjoy the unique road bike routes that this wonderful town has to offer.

What exactly are road bikes and is it for me?

Road bicycles are a form of bicycle built and specialised for traveling at speed on paced roads both up and downhill with extreme comfort and pace. All the components that make up a road bike are built for endurance and the user’s pleasure when taking on more challenging rides. They come with narrow and high-pressure wheels to create an extremely smooth ride and to significantly reduce rolling resistance, keeping you constantly on the move. They also come with specialised handlebars that are bent downwards to allow for leaning forward and backwards, reducing every riders air resistance so that they glide through the air with every spin of the wheel. And let’s not forget, these bikes are extremely lightweight, making every single expedition feel unlike any before!

Cycling in Javea, what can I expect?

The versatile scenery ranges from flat profiles and demanding hills that respond to the entire range of cycling expertise! Javea and the surrounding locations also offer and provide perfectly smooth roads with barely any traffic allowing every cyclist to enjoy their ride to the fullest! And if that wasn’t enough, there are hundreds of other adventurers tackling the same routes as you may wish to take on, so it’s also a perfect opportunity to meet some new friends! All these things allow you to choose and tackle challenging climbs, exhilarating descents, or just take it easy along the quiet roads and experience the Spanish culture, art and gastronomy!

So... are you ready for your road bike in Javea?

When the lure of the open road is impossible to ignore, that's when you know you're ready for one of Siesta Advisors road bike adventures. Whatever your road-going aspirations – whether it's simply to explore further afield, train with your riding buddies or lead out the peloton in the chase for a podium finish – we've a bike to suit you!

What is included in our bike rentals in Javea?

• Our bikes are meticulously maintained and undergo a thorough pre-use inspection including tyre pressure and brake testing. This means that each and every bicycle is ready for use and is in pristine condition for each and every rider to make each adventure one to remember!

• Some of the highest quality protective helmets to ensure the utmost safety

• Five-digit metal chain lock

• Multiple Water bottle

• Pressure tyre pump

Puncture repair kit

What else is included in our bike rentals?

• A constant helpline in case of any issues or emergencies

Prior support and advice regarding places of interest and routes to visit

• Any additional support you may require during your ride with us!

Length of Rental

VARIED - From a couple of hours to weeks - price varies depending on the length of rental - the longer the rental, the cheaper €/day price.

 Road Conditions

Javea and surrounding regions are blessed with very flat and smooth road conditions due to its renowned and recognized nature hosting cyclists from all over the world. In other word, potholes and rough roads are never an issue, and neither are cars who very heavily follow guidelines regarding cyclists as a way to ensure that both road users can ride safely and securely. Overall, this region is one of the best locations for cycling from a myriad of perspectives, attracting internationally recognized races!

Best time of the year to cycle

Javea is an ideal area for year-round cycling. In Summer you can enjoy the delightful warmth of the sun giving you that extra push when cycling up in the mountains. For those used to cooler and more refreshing climates, Winter is the perfect answer where the blue skies still offer the gentle warmth of the sun, but to a much lesser extent than in the Summer. And for those who wish to enjoy the best of both worlds, Spring and Autumn offer both of these things. Be it through the flowering orange fields or the rouge autumn landscape, these two seasons are just as exceptional as Summer and Winter! Let’s not forget, out of season there is significantly reduced tourism, meaning that you will be able to enjoy more private and intimate cycles with your friends and family!

Road Biking in Javea

Are there good road biking routes in Javea?

Absolutely! Javea offers a variety of fantastic road biking routes that cater to cyclists of all levels. Whether you prefer coastal rides, challenging climbs, or scenic countryside routes, Javea has something for everyone. The diverse landscapes and stunning views make road biking in Javea a truly memorable experience.

What are some recommended road biking routes in Javea?

Javea boasts several popular road biking routes that showcase the beauty of the area. Here are a few recommendations:

a. Route de la Plana: This scenic route takes you through the charming countryside of Javea, passing by vineyards, orange groves, and picturesque villages.

b. Cap de la Nao Loop: This route offers breathtaking coastal views as you cycle along the cliffs of Cap de la Nao. It's a mix of challenging climbs and exhilarating descents, providing a great workout and scenic adventure.

c. Coll de Rates: If you're up for a challenging climb, the Coll de Rates is a must-try. This iconic climb is a favorite among cyclists and rewards you with stunning panoramic views at the top.

Can I rent a road bike in Javea?

Yes, there are several bike rental shops in Javea where you can easily rent a road bike. These shops offer a range of high-quality road bikes in different sizes to suit your preferences. You can choose the bike that best fits your needs and start exploring the beautiful roads of Javea.

Do I need to bring my own cycling gear for road biking in Javea?

While it's recommended to bring your own cycling gear, including a helmet, cycling shoes, and appropriate clothing, some bike rental shops in Javea also provide gear for rent. However, it's always best to check with the rental shop in advance to ensure they have the necessary gear available.

Are there any cycling events or clubs in Javea?

Yes, Javea has a vibrant cycling community with various cycling events and clubs. Joining a local cycling club can be a great way to meet fellow cyclists, discover new routes, and participate in group rides. Additionally, Javea hosts occasional cycling events and races that attract cyclists from different parts of the region.

What is the best time of year for road biking in Javea?

Javea's mild climate makes it suitable for road biking throughout the year. However, spring and autumn are considered the best seasons for road biking due to pleasant temperatures and fewer tourists. During these seasons, you can enjoy comfortable riding conditions and fully appreciate the scenic beauty of Javea's landscapes.

Remember to stay hydrated, carry essential supplies, and prioritize safety while road biking in Javea. Enjoy the ride!

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