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Cala Ambolo – Javea’s Most Secret Beach 2024

March 27, 2022
Cala Ambolo
Cala Ambolo
Each beach in Javea has its own magic and appeal... however it might be hard to find something as special as Cala Ambolo. Being one of the most exclusive & unique beaches in Javea, we have designed this comprehensive guide teaching you everything you need to know about Cala Ambolo!

Cala Ambolo

Luminescent turquoise-blue waters, delicately polished grey pebbles combined with silky smooth sand, and an environment of peace and Mediterranean tranquillity... Welcome to Cala Ambolo, the hidden treasure of Javea!

Javea is renowned for its special beaches, but there is nothing quite like Cala Ambolo, certainly one of the best beaches in Javea, if not, the entirety of Spain! Why is Cala Ambolo so special... well, in short, despite being renowned for its beauty and magic, it remains one of the most undiscovered beaches of Javea, not even very well known by the locals!

Take a look at the following video for some incredible shots of Cala Ambolo!

Cala Ambolo

This is exactly why we have designed this guide for Cala Ambolo, to teach you all about how magical this beach is and why we consider it to be one of the best beaches in Javea. And with over a decade of local knowledge, I am here to provide you with everything you need to know for your special day out, giving you all the tips, tricks & knowledge you need to know when visiting Cala Ambolo!

Here's a step-by-step guide of everything that we’re going to be discussing! Feel free to click on any of the links and they will take you to the corresponding section! So let’s just straight into it!

1. History of Cala Ambolo

2. The best beach in Javea?

3. Where is Cala Ambolo

4. Top things to do

5. When is it the best time to visit Cala Ambolo?

6. Things to consider taking with you

7. Cala Ambolo & Healthy Traditions?

8. Other attractions nearby to Cala Ambolo

9. Additional Questions?

1. History of Cala Ambolo

Cala Ambolo, aside from being the perfect Mediterranean dream, also has some interesting history you may want to know about!

Historically, Cala Ambolo owes its name to the stone watchtower the resides at the top of the hill just next to and in sight of the beach. This watchtower was both defensively and strategically very important.

Originally built during the 16th century and standing over 100 metres above sea level, its function was the surveillance and the defence of the southern part of Javea that often came victim to pirate attacks and invasions. This beautiful watchtower still stands until this day and is in fact privately owned & maintained!

Cala Ambolo

Cala Ambolo, a Nudist Beach

Other than that, Cala Ambolo gets its name and notoriety for the fact that it is a nudist beach, one of the only nudist beaches on the entire Costa Blanca! This makes it unique as it allows nudists to sunbathe and relax in their element without worry! What makes Cala Ambolo ideal for nudists is two things.

  • On the one hand, it is a very remote and exclusive beach in Javea, not known by many.
  • On the other hand, there is a lot of natural coverage and protection from enormous boulders and stones on the right-hand side of the beach, where nudists can enjoy even more privacy and intimacy!

Cala Ambolo

2. The Best beach in Javea?

I know, you probably have heard me say this a few times before, but hear me out...! There is something truly unique about Cala Ambolo, and after living and working in this part of Javea’s coastline, I am going to share with you why I think it is the best beach in Javea.

From its sublime turquoise-blue waters to its abundant marine flora and fauna, as well as its exotic and exclusive location, it has all the characteristics of a paradisical Mediterranean beach. Here’s three things that you must know about!  

An exclusive paradise?

One of the main reasons why Cala Ambolo is so unique is due to its location in Javea. We will talk more about its actual location later, but for now, all you need to know is that Cala Ambolo is in a very remote part of Javea, outside of the city centre and away from the tourist hotspots.

Rather than arriving to a beach filled with sun umbrellas and thousands of people, you’ll instead arrive to find a virgin, spacious and undisturbed beach with just a few individuals scattered around!

In other words, Cala Ambolo guarantees the most exclusive Mediterranean beach experience in Javea where you’ll often have the entirety of the beach all to yourself and those that you go with! And that is crazy to think when you consider that the beach is over 300 metres long! So grab your beach things and prepare yourself for the best time of your holiday!...

However, there is a reason why this beach is so empty and undisturbed, something that you’ll NEED to know about if you decide to go here. We will discuss that in the accessing Cala Ambolo section.

Cala Ambolo

Cala Ambolo, a geographical miracle?

You may have heard me talk about a “geographical miracle” in other blogs, such as my Cala Granadella or Cala Portixol one. And this is simply because of Javea’s incredibly unique geographical coastline that consists of little bays and coves that act as natural protection from external maritime elements.

And this couldn’t be more applicable to Cala Ambolo! The main reason is due to something that is extremely rare on the Mediterranean coastline: this magical bay receives protection from an enormous island called “Isla del Descubridor” that acts as a huge shield.

This island aligns perfectly so that it protects the bay from almost any adverse maritime conditions (usually coming from the south), and it means that Cala Ambolo is always very protected and sheltered! Oftentimes there is a storm out at sea all whilst Cala Ambolo enjoys calm waters and beautiful weather!

Cala Ambolo

Cala Ambolo, the perfect beach for everyone?

What Cala Ambolo’s unique geographical positioning means is that it is the perfect beach for families with smaller children, where you’ll never have to worry about adverse weather, strong currents or waves putting your little ones in danger.

So, you’ll be able to relax on the shoreline enjoying, your well-deserved rest and sunshine, all whilst your little ones swim and explore away in the water just a couple of meters from your feet! This is truly the perfect family beach in Javea!

Cala Ambolo

At the same time, the protected and sheltered nature of Cala Ambolo gives it tremendous amounts of intimacy and tranquillity, making it absolutely perfect for those who want to relax a little bit and enjoy the sun & the peaceful water.

And for those seeking a little bit more adventure and adrenaline, once again, Cala Ambolo couldn’t be more perfect for you! Not only is it sublime for snorkelling and swimming, but just at your fingertips you have a perfect place for cliff jumping, something I will discuss in more detail later! In short... Cala Ambolo is perfect for absolutely everyone!

Cala Ambolo

3. Where is Cala Ambolo?

You’re starting to like the sound of Cala Ambolo, aren’t you? Well, I don’t blame you! I hope you’re slowly starting to understand why this beautiful little beach is so magical! But to get there, you’ll want to know exactly where it is!

So, where is Cala Ambolo? Cala Ambolo is located in Javea, the spectacular little town in the Alicante province of Eastern Spain. More specifically, Cala Ambolo can be found on the southernmost part of Javea, bordering the unique coastline that separates Javea from Benitachell and the neighbouring town of Moraira. It is directly between the beach Cala Granadella and Cala Portixol!

It can be hard to find, however here is a step-by-step guide of how to get to Cala Ambolo, how to access it during the summer, and where to park once you get there!

Cala Ambolo
Cala Ambolo

Step 1. How to get to Cala Ambolo?

As Cala Ambolo is in such a remote part of Javea, it can often be difficult for tourists, adventurers, and those not local to Javea to find their way there! Nonetheless, with the right information you can get there without any issues.

To get to Cala Ambolo, you must follow the Carretera del Portixol road until you reach a straight and long road. This road is now the Carretera Cabo la Nao road, which you’ll once again have to follow until you get to a little roundabout on your right, and signposts of Cala Ambolo! You then follow Calle Igor Stravinsky onto Calle Giuseppe Verdi and ultimate Calle Richard Wagner. In short, to get to Cala Ambolo, write in your GPS “CALLE RICHARD WAGNER, JAVEA”.

Here, you will have to find some roadside parking and then make your way down to Cala Ambolo walking. The walk itself isn’t too difficult, around 10 minutes in total. Here is a diagram of where you need to walk down!

Cala Ambolo

When walking down, be careful not to step too close to the edges of the walking path as Cala Ambolo has seen some landslides and loose rocks in the past! More about that in the next section!

Step 2. Accessing Cala Ambolo during Summer

Cala Ambolo, this magical beach, perfectly protected by its surroundings, crystal-clear waters, and you get this all to yourself?! It sounds too good to be true... unfortunately, partly yes...

Cala Ambolo

A couple of years ago the townhall of Javea decided to close access to the beach during summer months as it sometimes experienced some loose rocks and landslides on the walking path down to the beach. As a safety precaution, despite the incredibly rare occurrence, you are no longer allowed to access Cala Ambolo...

Unless you know about the following tips & tricks...

  • Accessing Cala Ambolo by Sea

The walking path down to Cala Ambolo is the dangerous part... nonetheless, you can avoid all the necessity of walking down by going there from the sea! And what better way to get there by one of Siesta Advisor’s most famous kayak excursions (yep... yet again another shameless plug)!

Cala Ambolo

Starting from Cala Granadella, not only will you get full access to Cala Ambolo, allowing you to experience all of its beauty and magic in person – without risking walking down –, but you’ll also get the chance to visit the incredible Cala en Caló and Cova del Llop Marí cave, two additional places that will almost certainly blow your mind away!

Cala Ambolo

If you are interested in doing this adventure (which I would truly recommend, as well as tens of thousands of customers who have already done this adventure with us), you can find out more here. If not, don’t worry, there are still a few other ways to access Cala Ambolo!

  • Going Early

If you go early in the morning, you will be able to avoid the control that limits access to Cala Ambolo, however you will have to get there before 09:00! But this shouldn’t be an issue as afterwards you will be able to enjoy the entire day on the beach!

If you do decide to go despite the restrictions, be careful and it is your own responsibility! Never stand too close to the ledges, always pay attention where you step, and keep an eye out for any loose rocks!

  • Going out of season

Another option would be to go outside of the summer season, so anytime outside of June, July & August! What this would mean is that you wouldn’t have to worry about the control, and you’d still be able to enjoy some incredible weather!

My personal favourite time of the year to go is mid-September until mid-October, as that is when the water is still super warm, the weather spectacular, and not busy at all!

Cala Ambolo

Step 3. Parking at Cala Ambolo

Parking at Ambolo can be a little bit tricky as there are very limited spaces, however with the restrictions in place, that is not too much of an issue as not many cars are allowed down. When parking at Ambolo, you will have to do it on the roadside, preferably on “Calle Richard Wagner”, the closest street to Cala Ambolo.

Cala Ambolo

When parking at Cala Ambolo, please ensure the following things:

1. Your car is parked as close to the wall as possible to ensure a smooth flow of traffic for the locals there. The roads are narrow by nature, so it is important to be as close to the wall as possible!

2. Ensure that you do not park your car in front of local property entrances! Despite seeming empty, a lot of properties near Cala Ambolo are inhabited, and if you block their entrances, they will be able to get your car towed away! So always ensure to be respectful and never park in front of local property

3. Make sure that your hand break is fully activated, that you put your car in reverse if facing downhill, and ideally place a stone behind your back wheels for additional safety!

It may seem dramatic for me to say all of these things, however I live by the mantra of “better safe than sorry!” However, if you have made it to this section, you have probably made it safely to Cala Ambolo, and now the real fun begins!

4. Things to do at Cala Ambolo

Cala Ambolo is very remote and exclusive, so do not expect a list of restaurants or bars! Instead, here you have to take advantage of nature and all the beauty that surrounds you! Here are my top recommendations for things to do at Cala Ambolo!

Swimming & Snorkelling

The warm, clear, and brilliantly blue waters of the Mediterranean Ocean have long been regarded as a tremendous place to enjoy snorkelling and all the underwater life that it hides... and this couldn’t be truer than with Cala Ambolo.

Renowned for its crystal-clear turquoise waters, this pristine bay provides you with an extraordinary snorkelling opportunity!

Cala Ambolo

This is partly because of Cala Ambolo’s isolated and exclusive nature that has kept this unique little bay out of sight and off the radar. This has also meant that Cala Ambolo has enjoyed the privilege of having very little contact from humans in comparison to the other major beaches in Javea, where human impact and deterioration have remained minimal.

As a result, Cala Ambolo remains abundant with life, displaying an abundance of marine flora and fauna, allowing you to find some of the most life-packed waters imaginable.

Cala Ambolo

I would personally recommend the far right corner of the beach, and around the Cala Ambolo island. That is where you will find the most sea life! In fact, underneath this unique little island, you can find two separate tunnels, both of which are breeding locations for fish... so if you happen to swim around the island, you will almost certain find enormous shoals of fish!

I am a huge water fanatic, and if you also happen to enjoy the underwater world as much as I do, Cala Ambolo is perfect for you!

Sunbathing (Nude)

If relaxing and sunbathing is your thing, then Cala Ambolo is the perfect place for you! As I previously mentioned, this exclusive little beach is incredibly private, and you’ll have the peace and quiet of an entire beach all to yourself!

Also, if you happen to be interested... Cala Ambolo provides you with the unique opportunity to strip naked and go nude! Nope, don’t ask me, I have never tried it, but have had my fair share of sea snake encounters!

But jokes aside, this is the perfect place to try something this unique, and with the huge boulders on the right-hand side of the beach (facing the ocean), you will be able to have tremendous amounts of privacy and intimacy!

Cala Ambolo

Cliff Jumping

Another fun and unique experience that you could try out at Cala Ambolo is cliff jumping, the adrenaline-packed sport of jumping into the water from somewhere high, without any equipment! And luckily for you, the Cala Ambolo Island is absolutely perfect for this because there are different heights to jump from for different abilities.

In other words, if you want to just take it easy, or perhaps practice some backflips, there are some small jumps of just a couple of meters, perfect for children. Or if you want to improve your confidence and push your limits, there are also some higher jumps of around 6 metres!

To climb onto the mountain, you will want to swim to the left-hand side of the island (facing the sea), where you’ll find a little reef where you’ll be able to climb up onto the island! WARNING – be very careful, and try to bring appropriate footwear as there are some rocks there that can be sharp!

Cala Ambolo

5. Best time of year to visit Cala Ambolo

Cala Ambolo is beautiful all year round, so no matter when you come to Javea, you should take some time out of your day to visit! Nonetheless, below are the reasons why each season of the year is perfect and all of its benefits!


Obviously, this is when Cala Ambolo will be at its busiest, despite the restrictions. Nonetheless, in the summer you will obviously be able to enjoy the delightful sun, the warm and refreshing water, and a true Mediterranean summer! It is the best time of year to go for those who want to ensure that they have a very pleasant and warm day at the beach, not having to worry about getting too chilly!

Cala Ambolo

Autumn & Spring

Visiting Cala Ambolo outside of the season and in Autumn & Sprint is arguably the best time of the year to visit as you get to experience the best of both worlds! You will still benefit from the warm Mediterranean sun, often allowing you to go for a refreshing swim. At the same time, you are privileged with a lot more space and freedom, avoiding the busy tourist season of the summer.

You will not have to worry about having a restricted access, or about parking, which gives you a lot of flexibility when planning your beach day out! In my personal opinion, I would recommend September and October as that is when Cala Ambolo is at its best.


You might be surprised to see winter here... however, as a local, winter is probably my favourite time of the year to visit! Javea is incredibly lucky to have some incredible weather in winter. And that’s expected in a town with over 330 sunny days a year, and with winter temperatures often reaching 25oC!

So yes! Absolutely! Obviously, you may not be able to go for a swim, but you’ll still often be able to sunbathe under the delicate winter sun and still carry out famous kayaking adventures (okay... that was the last plug, I promise)!

Cala Ambolo

6. Things to take with you

I am sure you already know all the things you’d need for your perfect beach day... however here is a little visual reminder of the kind of things you may wish to consider taking with you to Cala Ambolo!

Cala Ambolo

7. Cala Ambolo & Healthy Traditions?

We have all heard about the tremendous amounts of benefits from the sun and sunbathing, but what are they? Well, according to scientific research, natural sunlight provokes the chemical production of melatonin, a hormone that is associated with improving sleep quality, fighting stress, and significantly reducing the effects of depression!

Equally, we receive a heap-load of vitamin D from the sun, a mineral that we often lack in our everyday diets... and this valuable mineral significantly boosts the immune system and strengthens your bones!

Cala Ambolo

On the note of strengthening bones, Cala Ambolo is beach made up almost entirely of pebbles, and when you walk on pebbles it helps strengthen your muscles and joints! In fact, ancient populations used to periodically walk on stones to help them become stronger and sturdier!

Medical studies show that it also improves your circulation, and children are less likely to develop flat feet when walking on pebbles! So Cala Ambolo is not only perfect for your Mediterranean beach day out, but also for your health and general well-being! Don’t hesitate, come quickly!

Cala Ambolo

8. Other attractions nearby to Cala Ambolo

Javea’s southern coastline is home to a huge variety of fun and adventure! Fortunately for those visiting this part of Javea and Cala Ambolo, you have a huge amount of other equally magical locations at your fingertips! Here’s just a few of them that you may want to consider checking out!

I am not going to go into a lot of detail here, but just tease you a little bit with everything else incredible nearby! You can find more information on each respective page!

Cala Granadella

Shimmering turquoise-blue waters, encompassed by magnificent mountains and steep hills filled with local wildlife, and adored by locals and visitors alike... Well, that’s Cala Granadella for you!

Javea hosts many gems as we’ve seen in this article about Cala Ambolo, nonetheless, there is nothing quite so spectacular as Cala Granadella, the most exclusive, beautiful, and exotic beach in Javea, if not the entirety of Spain. In fact, according to multiple national surveys, Cala Granadella has been voted the BEST BEACH IN SPAIN multiple times.

Cala Ambolo

Cala en Caló

Cala en Caló is a beach in Javea that resembles the exotic beaches of Thailand, Indonesia, or the Philippines... nonetheless, without the necessity of flying halfway around the world to experience something so beautiful. It is a beach that is extremely well hidden and secretive, meaning that even if you happen to be coasting down Javea’s shoreline, you’ll almost certainly miss it.

This is because Cala en Caló is geographically located in a very sneaky spot in Javea, to the extent where it wasn’t even labelled on Google Maps until recently. A fun fact... we were one of the first to discover this beautiful little bay, and when Google uploaded a satellite image of it, our kayaks were in the bay itself!

Cala en Caló, in short, is one of those secret little local spots that, unless you have the right knowledge and information, you’ll never find... and what a shame that would be!

Cala Ambolo

Cala Portixol

If you are looking for one of the best beaches in Javea, you may have found exactly what you’re looking for. Portixol, a small history and mystery-packed beach, is extremely exclusive and unique. It is renowned for its pristine crystal-clear waters and unimaginable reefs and underwater rock formations.

This makes Portixol exceptional for those who love snorkelling away amongst some of the richest marine flora and fauna imaginable! You’d be amazed by all the fish that you can see on this beautiful beach, from stingrays, to octopus, and if you’re lucky... some sunfish!

Cala Ambolo

9. Additional Questions?

Do you have any additional questions about Cala Ambolo? Well, don’t hesitate and ask away! We are more than happy to answer all your questions and queries without issue! So... if you are unsure or uncertain about something, ask away and we’ll always be there to answer your questions! You can contact us via email on, or equally on phone & Whatsapp on +34 639 908 367

Cala Ambolo

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