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Kayak El Portet

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Kayak El Portet, Moraira

Much like Javea, Moraira is renowned for water sports all year round, and if you're in El Portet, Moraira and interested in kayaking from one of the most spectacular beaches in the whole of Spain, well, you happen to be in the perfect place for it! Renting kayaks in El Portet, Moraira, allows you to visit some incredible places that are often completely isolated, hidden or simply unknown to the everyday adventurer... however with Siesta Advisor's kayak rental services, that's no longer an issue! We will provide you with a thorough introduction and explanation of El Portet's coastline, and uncover all the little secrets you need to know for your adventure. In short, kayaking in El Portet allows you to fully immerse yourself with nature, kayaking besides ancient and Jurassic-like coastlines, snorkelling in transparent and crystalline waters filled with life, or exploring breath-taking coves and bays of unimaginable beauty!

Kayaking in El Portet, Moraira, what can I expect to see? (FULL GUIDE HERE)

This beautiful beach offers a lot more secrets than what meets the eye. From the picturesque photos of beautifully turquoise waters in the bay you only really hit the top of the iceberg of what there is to see in the proximity of El Portet. Prepare yourself to paddle side by side some breathtaking and sublime rock formations towering a hundred meters above you all whilst reminding you of just how small and insignificant we are in comparison to nature!  Whilst paddling down this coastline, also be prepared to go face-to-face with some completely isolated and unexplored caves and coves every corner you take, places so undiscovered that they aren't even documented or on Google Maps. So put your exploring boots on and get ready to see for yourself what El Portet has to offer!

For those who want a little more adventurous and want to really go and explore, you can even get to Cala Llebeig, an abandoned cove that takes us back in time to another era. Originally and historically, Cala Llebeig was associated with fishermen who used this bay as a little refugee after fishing trips, most of them having little houses that scatter along the small bits of land available there. Later it got an infamous name as it was used by pirates and smugglers who trafficked tobacco, sugar, weapons, and coffee! So get ready to jump back in time and experience history in person with our kayak rentals from El Portet!

‍In addition to all that, the entire area is perfect for snorkelling and exploring the deep depths, parts of the Moraira/Javea coastline that have remained completely untouched by humans. Here, you can expect to find some of the most pristine and life-abundant sea conditions imaginable, life that is almost impossible to see anywhere else in Spain such as: dolphins, whales, and sea horses (amongst all the other incredibly unique creatures that live there). So if snorkelling and the underwater life is something that captures your interest, this kayak rentals in El Portet, Moraira are an absolute must for you!

I have never done kayaking before, is a kayak rental from El Portet for me?

Of course! Almost every single person trying out our kayaking in El Portet are first timers! Within the span of just a few minutes you are able to learn the basics of kayaking allowing you to get to all the places mentioned above. Equally, Siesta Advisor only provides the best and highest quality equipment for their kayaking rentals in El Portet, making this process even more exciting! Nonetheless, it must be mentioned that you will perhaps miss a secret or two that, with the help of an experienced monitor on a guided excursion, you would not miss! Equally, on a guided excursion, you have the constant assistance of a professional by your side in case of any emergency... so if you're a little uncertain perhaps a kayak excursion from Granadella, Portixol or Javea is better for you!

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What is included in our kayak rentals from El Portet, Moraira?:

Helly Hansen high quality red life jackets

Carbon fibre paddles

High performance and streamline kayak imported from the UK

Additional Equipment for your kayak rental with Siesta Advisor:

Cressi water shoes (limited to availability)

Snorkel masks

Waterproof bags for personal belongings

Additional services:

• Personal dry storage for all your belongings that you do not want to take with you on this kayaking excursion

A professional introduction and lesson teaching you basic manoeuvring tips, general kayaking information and health and safety instructions

Length of the kayak rentals in El Portet, Moraira

Each rental is between 1h00-3h00! This amount of time is perfect for us to be able to explore and kayak down the coastline as well as be able to snorkel and explore the underwater secrets offered by wherever you go!

How long are you on the water

You are on the water approximately half of the rental coasting down along with the waves, and the other half you visit the beautiful and hidden locations offered by the rental as well as snorkel and have snacks!

Types of water conditions

The Mediterranean is blessed with very calm water conditions due to its enclosed nature. Additionally, this area of Moraira is in a bay itself, meaning that even when the open sea is rough, we are protected and sheltered by the coastline! We are fortunate enough to have some of the best conditions on the Costa Blanca, with crystal-flat waters almost every single day!

Best time of day to kayak

Be it in the morning when it’s less busy, or later in the afternoon to experience beautiful sunsets, kayaking with Siesta Advisor is exceptional all-day. In the morning people can enjoy the privacy and the tranquillity of the sea, at midday those who tend to get cold in the sea can enjoy the refreshing sunlight warming your body whilst you float around, and in the afternoon you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and prepare yourself for a calm and refreshing night with the family or friends! Additionally, kayaking in El Portet, Moraira can be done all-year! Moraira boasts with having around 330 sunny days a year, meaning that even winter temperatures can reach 25oc! Let’s not forget, out of season there is significantly reduced tourism, meaning that you will be able to enjoy more private and intimate tours with your friends and family, often having a guide just to yourself!

Recommended clothing for kayaking in El Portet, Moraira

We highly recommend doing the kayak rental in swimwear and/or clothes that you don’t mind getting wet as kayaking is a water-based activity. Appropriate footwear (not flip-flop, not slippers, closed beach shoes) is also important, not only for your safety, but also for your personal comfort when disembarking on small, beautiful pebbly beaches. One or two towels are also advisable.

Additional things recommended for your kayaking rental

Drinking water is essential as to avoid dehydration throughout the tour, and a few snacks (sandwiches, fruits, chocolate bars, nuts, sweets) to help with energy.

Q1: Why should I use Siesta Advisor for my experience in Javea?

A1: When debating whether booking with us or not, please consider the following, we hope that the information below is reassuring enough:

• Siesta Advisor is the most sophisticated and experienced activity centre on the Costa Blanca. With over ten years of experience behind us, we have managed to master customer service and customer experience, merging it into the most perfect, smooth and unforgettable experience for each client.

• Siesta Advisor is the only Activity Center in Javea operates 24/7 with a unique way. We have a special out of hours service which means we are available on the phone or by e-mail to respond quickly to your needs.

• Our store is centrally located in Javea and it is in easy reach either from the outskirts and all in-city holiday urbanisations.

• Our equipment is some of the best and highest quality on the market, cleaned and maintained to the highest standards to ensure the most perfect and sophisticated experience for each customer.

• We have some of the highest customer reviews in the entirety of Spain for our industry, ranking Siesta Advisor at the very top. The customer feedback speaks for itself!

• We have countless awards and certificates relating to hospitality, quality assurance, safety and security - all of which have been acquired through extremely hard work, dedication to our services and a passion to grow and expand.

Q2: Do I need to book in advance?

A2: Yes, it is strongly recommended to book in advance, especially in the summer.

• You can book our services online directly on our website.

• Alternatively, you can call on +34 639 908 367 or email on to make a booking

• Or if you fancy to come and meet the team in person, please do not hesitate to come into our shop on Avendia de Paris 35, Jávea, and get all the responses to whatever questions you may have!

Q3: Can I cancel my booking?

A3: Yes, you can. We fully understand that you may need to change or cancel your rentals, possibly at short notice.

• For any cancelations, please send us an email to in order to give us a notice of the cause and purpose of your cancelation.

• However, if the cancelation is within 24 hours of the activity, we may not be in a position to give a full refund.

Q4: Do we offer special discounts?

A4: We offer special group discounts for group of six or more people!

• In order to be eligible for a special discount, please contact us directly.

• If you have a special discount card from us, notify us and we can apply the discount directly to your booking

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